If you will just believe that My father is alive,
If you will just believe He loves and cares for you,
Then you will know in His knowledge you can find,
true Fatherly peace of mind!
If you will just believe!
If you can stand on the rock of solid faith!
If you can hope without seeing with your eyes,
Then you will know how mountains can decline,
How my Fatherís light can shine,
If you will just believe,
For if you believe you can face the darkest storms,
In the bitter cold faith will keep you warm!
If you believe my Fatherís will is being done,
His deepest wish for everyone,
If you will just believe my Fatherís kingdom will come!
Your faith will lead others to His home!
For if you believe the whole wide world will see,
How great my fatherís love can be,
Thatís why you must believeÖ.