Michael St Clair het 'n boek geskryf genaamd Zen of Stars wat die transformasies en die aarde veranderinge wat in die volgende paar jaar verwag word aanspreek.

Soos hy sÍ: "Ons is psigiese wesens wat in 'n fisiese werklikheid woon." St Clair is 'n "synthesist" wat areas wat so uiteenlopend soos astrologie, astronomie, kosmologie en die evolusie van die menslike siel dek. GeÔnspireer deur die werk van Krishnamurti, praat hy oor die toekoms van planeet Aarde en ons groeiende bewustheid van die onbekende.

Sy werk sentreer rondom die idee dat mense dit nodig sal he om in klein gemeenskappe (veilige hawens) die komende transformasies en aarde veranderinge wat te wage is in kalmte, ingaan.

Hier volg 'n onderhoud met Michael St Clair, 'n bekende futuris en visioenÍr, by die magiese Chateau de Chillon in Montreux.

Michael St.Clair, a prodigy child, was born in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 February 1959. His father was a practicing psychologist, his mother a leading journalist. Today St.Clair is the worlds foremost strategic astrophysicist with a vast and highly accurate track record of economic and political predictions. As a young man he studied law and political sciences at Zurich University and also served as a Swiss army intel officer before beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world wide.

After twenty years of advisory activity and of esoteric and economic studies, while living in Florida, he created in 1999 a stunning twin work of cosmology and metaphysics. St.Clair's 'Atlantis Oracle' & 'Icons Of Destiny', while redefining mundane astrology and divination are delineating the future of humankind.

In 2002, St.Clair aired nine highy popular radio shows in Palm Beach, called "Passage11" on WBZT. In 2004 - after being interviewed by Jeff Rense and Lou Gentile on their respective radio shows, St.Clair published his acclaimed book "Passage 11" on the internet, which some have termed the true spiritual thriller of our time.

The origin of his own work and thought process is a mystery. It is brought to the public by a source St.Clair calls his ET guidance. "Passage 11" is as much a spiritual revelation of unmatched proportions as it is a soul-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity: It explains in easy to understand words our true History and its Cosmic genetics.

In 2005 St.Clair began forming his Contact Center Ė an international retreat and safe place of study - to be a sacred space encompassing the city of science and art in the land of the Alpine Celts.

St.Clair's core message is: 2012 will see the ending of time and the merging of new realities. Reclaim your own power! During his yearly symposiums, St.Clair teaches Awareness, Transformation and Intent - to access the silent knowledge as he guides us on our progression towards sovereignty.