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Thread: The Bloodline in North America Above and Beyond The Da Vinci Code

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    Default The Bloodline in North America Above and Beyond The Da Vinci Code

    Now that the hype is over and the dust has settled after the publication of the book, legal battle and release of The Da Vinci Code movie, perhaps it is time to reflect on the significant messages that we have received from its exposure.

    Clearly it created quite a stir amongst the establishment, while for others it was an adventurous page-turner with some revealing facts; but why has this book caused such a stir? What is its relevance to us today? Why has this all come to the fore now? I want to share with you what I have learned since reading the book and what I feel are the significant messages hidden within its text.

    The end of the story reveals a group of people, of various ages, gathered at Roslyn Chapel in Scotland. As the plot unfolds we are told that they are the members of the St. Clair Clan. The St. Clair family has overseen the village of Roslyn, since before the church was built, in the mid-1400s. The St. Clairs are a prominent family historically reputed to be of the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene; with strong connections to France, Scotland and the Knights Templar. This is still evident today - in the far north-east corner of Scotland, where the current Grand Master of the Knights Templar resides - he is a St. Clair. The Knights Templar and the St. Clair lineage seem to be inextricably linked.

    The Knights Templar came to prominence after the first crusade, when they established safe passage, for the early pilgrims, to the Holy Land. It was during this time that the Knights also created the first banking system, exchanging money with these travelers along the route for a small interest payment. Many believe, however, that this activity was just a front for the real work being done.

    What was it all really about? It seems that information, kept sacred and secret, in the south of France told of great treasures and ancient truths that were buried undisturbed beneath the remains of King Solomons Temple - the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    Once Jerusalem was in the hands of the Christians, after their victory in the first crusade, the perfect opportunity presented itself for nine French Knights to excavate under the Temple Mount to actually discover the lost jewels. The pilgrims route also provided a perfect cover and a protected road out of the Holy Land and into France, for the Knights, who got away safely with the spoils. It was immediately after the triumphant Knights returned to France that the immense Gothic Cathedrals of Notre Dame, Chartres and others were built.

    Where did the immense wealth and knowledge to build such soaring structures suddenly come from? Were they something to do with secret treasures under the Temple Mount? Bernard of Clairvaux later to become St. Bernard seemed to be a key person in being able view and interpret the plans discovered; and was the man responsible for the creation these new magnificent structures. What other information did these finds include?

    The Knights Templar became a highly respected, wealthy and influential organization to the point that during the period between 1128 and 1307 they effectively ruled over Western Europe. Then the Templars power all came to a sudden end. The King of France and Pope of the time agreed to have the Templars rounded up, tortured and killed! This took place on Friday October 13th, 1307, giving historical merit for the saying Friday the 13th unlucky for some! The few lucky ones escaped and traveled to Portugal and Scotland, where they received safe sanctuary. The Templars were prepared for this turn of events and already had a significant fleet anchored at La Rochelle in western France, which enabled a group of Templars to escape with much of their sacred treasure!

    Scotland had been ex-communicated by the Catholic Church at the time and so the ruling parties had no commitment to hand the Templars over. In fact, Robert the Bruce and the Templars came to a mutually beneficial agreement; the Templars received a safe place to live in Scotland, while becoming Robert the Bruces private guard. However, this period in hiding left the remaining Knights Templar with some soul searching to do. They had knowledge and understanding of sacred truth, and the desire to protect it from getting into the wrong hands, but at the same time were still being hounded of Western Europe.

    What were they to do? And most importantly, where were they to go?

    Believe it or not, one of the Templars, of the St. Clair family, set sail from Scotland to discover the New World! Under the guidance of the Zeno Brothers of Venice, who had already charted the Atlantic Ocean, Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney set out from Scotland in 1396. Their destination turned out to be Pictou Harbour in Nova Scotia. So as it turns out almost one hundred years before Columbus discovered America the St. Clairs were there! Over a two year period Henry St. Clair formed a strong association with the local MicMac Nation. He also took the chance to explore the land and coastline, as far down as Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island. What would be the point of such a challenging voyage? There might have been a significant reason for this dangerous mission. Was it somehow related with the bloodline the sacred truth?

    It was only after Henry St. Clairs return to Scotland that plans were made to build Roslyn Chapel; the ornate coded-story carved in stone that has now found new fame due to The Da Vinci Codes success. But this story in stone unlike the stories told in books the chapel cannot be burned. Perhaps the Templars knew that the chapel would stand the tests-of-time. Roslyn chapel is FULL of stories and lessons, symbols and icons connected to all the world religions and paganism. Not what you might expect from a Christian Church. So what is it in fact? At a closer glance one can start to decipher some of the hidden messages within the decoration, even proof of the voyage to the New World! One of the arches depicts maize corn with aloe plant leaves adorning the columns on either side. These plants, indigenous to North America, clearly indicate that the Templars had crossed the Atlantic and returned to Roslyn before 1430, when the Chapel started into its construction phase. What else were the Templars trying to tell us? One thing is for sure the sleepy little village of Roslyn just 10km southwest of Edinborough would never be the same again.

    Some of the recent questions I have heard asked in discussion about the bloodline are: Why all the hype? What is the significance of this bloodline to us today? What difference does it make to us today? There is a common thread running through the bloodline, just as there is running through your own blood and that is: the DNA strand. The Egyptians believed in the Kingly bloodline and the Priestly bloodline and were careful to protect them. It was believed that these bloodlines carried certain gifts and awarenesses. We know this to be true, today, by observing families, where certain skills and qualities are passed down from generation to generation. Does the DNA strand have the ability to carry the memory of the sacred truths that the Templars were trying so desperately to protect?

    Now, as we move into a new golden era of peace, there are people alive on the planet, whose DNA is already being activated to higher levels of conscious awareness and memory. Today, they are accessing this information; it is these people that will lead us into a profound and magnificent future!!

    This opportunity is being made available to everyone, who wishes to be a part of this transformative process.

    Once this blueprint has been manifested into physical reality, the pioneers leading the way will open the channels for all of us to step into this conscious New World. This is not just going to be an elite few. This gift will be available to all, who wish to be a part of it.

    So how do you become part of this team of Light Pioneers? It is time to clear the blockages and residues left behind through our own family bloodlines. We now have the perfect opportunity to clear our family baggage, for all time, simply by facing up to whatever it is that doesnt function healthily through our families.

    Whether it is relationship abuse, alcoholism, or hidden secrets, we first need to acknowledge the issues, bring them out gently into the light and allow them to heal. As our family issues heal, we heal and in turn the planet heals! This takes place through our emotional body by the means of unconditional love and compassion. A missing piece that will lead us into the golden era is the knowledge and understanding of Alchemy; and its process of Alchemical transmutation and transformation through our DNA. It only requires a commitment from enough of us for this to be the inevitable outcome for everyone.

    What an opportunity for us all to co-create heaven on earth!

    The secrets, historical information and revealing truths that we have read about in The Da Vinci Code have bubbled to the surface at this point in time, in order for us all to learn from the past, so that we can create a balanced and harmonious future for ourselves, our families and for this sweet earth.

    Peter K. Tongue

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    Default Re: The Bloodline in North America Above and Beyond The Da Vinci Code

    Thanks Stefanus,

    Being an avid inquisitive mind whom enjoyed the "Da Vinci Code", feeling in agreement that The Christ's physical Bloodline did indeed survived the murderous onslaught, able to provide the lineage for the second coming...

    Having said that... this sentence cannot but rise an eyebrow...

    What an opportunity for us all to co-create heaven on earth!

    Maybe a new conspiracy theory would be to say that maybe this whole "Da Vinci Code" saga... is being orchestrated to usher in (the new world order?) the heaven on earth where all the "Devil's" children will be living with their "God"...

    dog ek dink ohk maar net...

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