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Thread: Natural disasters - spiritual point of view

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    Default Natural disasters - spiritual point of view

    The root causes that trigger natural disasters and their increasing intensity

    The Spiritual Science Research Foundation has been conducting spiritual research to ascertain how a personís life is impacted both at the level of the individual and at the level of society. We have found that all problems in life can have their root cause in one of three dimensions which are physical, psychological and spiritual. These dimensions (which are the root causes of problems in life) are not mutually exclusive. Modern sciences, due to the limitations of their research tools, are mostly limited to finding the root cause of a problem at a physical level. However, we have found that the problems affecting humankind which have their root cause solely in the physical dimension, account for less than 20% of any problems in life.

    Please refer to the article on the root causes of problems in life.
    Spiritual research (conducted through advanced sixth sense) takes a holistic approach where in all 3 dimensions (i.e. physical, psychological and spiritual) are considered in understanding the root cause of problems in life. This knowledge has been provided so as to give us a better understanding of the options available to us in overcoming the phenomenon of climate change that currently has centre stage in the midst of a host of International issues. The following diagram shows the two perspectives that explain natural disasters and climate change from this holistic perspective.

    The nature of these root causes is explained below.

    2.1 Causes of climate change and natural disasters - cyclical changes (Reason 1)

    It is the law of nature that whatever has been created is sustained and eventually destroyed. This is the law of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution and it contributes to 30% of the reason for natural disasters. For example, the Himalayan mountain ranges have been created, they will be sustained and eventually they will be destroyed. Thus, whenever something is created in this world, after a period of being sustained, it can be expected that at some point it will be destroyed. Only the Creator i.e. God remains steady and unchanging.
    Destruction comes in many forms, natural disasters being one of them. The human race also facilitates this cyclical destruction process by its behaviour which sometimes culminates in war and devastation.

    The time span of the universe is divided into four Eras. In the first Era, i.e., Satyayug, the subtle basic sattva component was predominant. When there is a higher predominance of sattva in the environment, cyclical changes are gentle. As the eras progressed there was a reduction in the sattva component; thus resulting in cyclical changes with higher amplitudes. In Kaliyug where the predominant subtle basic component is raja, the cyclical changes in creation, sustenance and destruction are quite dramatic. Destruction is generally brought about by increased natural calamities, disease and war. We are in the midst of the lowest phase of destruction in one of the mini cycles in Kaliyug. Each mini cycle generally lasts for 1000 years.

    The low phase of a cycle can be worsened if the human race adds to the raja-tama in the world. This is discussed in the sattva raja tama.

    2.2 Causes of climate change and natural disasters - Relationship between the human race and nature (Reason 2)

    2.2.1 The effect of nature on the human race (Reason 2A)

    Out of the 70%, if considered as 100%, nature affects the human race to the extent of 10%. At a physical level, it influences the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the type of shelters we live in. However there are other ways that nature affects humankind. An example of this would be the effect of waxing and waning of the moon on the psyche of people. There is recorded evidence and people have experienced since time immemorial the increase in mental disturbances around new and full moon days.
    Refer to the article on the spiritual effect of the moon on man.

    2.2.2 The effect of the human race on nature (Reason 2B)

    Out of the 70% humankind affects nature to the extent of 90%. This happens in three ways as given below.

    > At a physical level 30% (Reason 2B-1)

    This happens when there is excessive cutting of trees, oil leakages, emissions from factories etc.

    > At a psychological level 30% (Reason 2B-2)

    Why do people indiscriminately add to the greenhouse effect and pollute the planet? The answer lies in the mind of humankind. As the human race gets more selfish and cares less about the planet and their fellow people, they indiscriminately abuse the resources of the Earth. Along with this, immoral behaviour and tensions in society lead to a rise in the raja-tama subtle basic components. The collective psychological temperament of humankind is closely related to the spiritual level at which the human race affects nature.

    > At a spiritual level 40% (Reason 2B-3)

    If one digs deeper into the psychological nature of humankind one will find that it is heavily influenced by our spiritual maturity or spiritual level. A reduction in the collective spiritual consciousness of humankind results in selfishness and unrighteousness. When there is a lack of spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice there is a rise in the raja-tama in the environment also known as spiritual pollution.

    Ghosts (demons, devils and negative energies, etc.) from the subtle or spiritual dimension capitalise on this increase in raja-tama of the human race. They find it relatively easy to possess people who are raja-tama predominant and make them behave like animals. All this only further adds to the raja-tama in society.

    Refer to the article on how negative energies affect and possess a person.

    2.2.3 What happens when there is an increase in raja-tama?

    Just as dirt and smoke make up pollution at a physical level, raja-tama is pollution at a subtle intangible level. As discussed earlier a general lack of spiritual practice and unrighteousness increase the overall raja-tama of humankind and hence the environment.
    An increase in the raja-tama subtle basic component means an increase in the subtle intangible spiritual pollution of the world. Just as we try to clean dirt out of the spaces that we use from time to time at a physical level, nature responds to the need for cleansing and correcting the subtle intangible pollution of raja-tamain the environment.

    As soon as there is a tilting of balance in favour of raja-tama, the excess raja-tama exerts its influence through the medium of the five Absolute Cosmic elements. By acting through the five Absolute Cosmic elements, it manifests in the increase of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, eruption of volcanoes, cyclones etc. Refer to the diagram below.

    Please note that by spiritual practice we mean spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice. Refer to our SSRF Classroom section for more details.
    If the Absolute Earth element is influenced, it results in an earthquake. If the Absolute Water element is influenced, it can either give rise to an excess of water (such as floods or excessive snowing, giving rise to an ice age) or a lack of water (e.g. a drought).

    The above-mentioned disasters are grossly visible; hence we are aware of their existence. However, the increase in raja-tama has a far-reaching adverse impact on the body, mind and intellect of each and every human. This impact, being subtle and intangible, is not easily recognised and humankind becomes aware of it only when this impact manifests as very gross climatic changes. Unfortunately, at this point, most of the changes are irreversible.

    This can be understood to some extent by the analogy of a volcanic eruption. The physical or gross devastation perpetrated by the volcano is instantly visible, but the effect of the radiation that has far-reaching consequences is not immediately understood.

    In 2009, the efforts made at Copenhagen by world leaders will only help in combating the problem at a physical level. This is the part where the human race affects nature (i.e. the 19% given in Reason 2B-1 in the chart above explaining the causes of climate change according to spiritual research conducted by SSRF). The rest of the effect of the human race on nature, which occurs at the mental and spiritual level, has not been recognised and therefore will not be addressed.

    If we do not change our ways at a mental and spiritual level (along with the physical measures such as reducing carbon emissions), it is inevitable that we will experience unprecedented natural disasters and catastrophic war over the next decade.
    Hence it is imperative that we understand the basic root cause of these disasters and take appropriate steps (at a physical, mental and spiritual level) to eradicate this spiritual pollution of raja-tama in the world. This way we would be truly working for the everlasting and all encompassing benefit of humankind. We have explained the steps that each one of us can take in our article on ďWhat can I do

    2.2.4 The role of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)

    In recent times there is an intense subtle intangible battle between good and evil. We have explained this in detail in our articles on ĎThe battle of good versus evilí and ĎArmageddoní.

    The catalyst behind most of the dark events we see in the news in current times is primarily the activity of higher level ghosts. Ghosts of a higher order take advantage of the raja-tama in the human race and possess people. They capitalise on peopleís personality defects such as hatred for others and make them perform the most terrible acts on their fellow citizens. All this further adds to the raja-tamain the world. Ghosts can only be combated by spiritual means such as any effective spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice.

    3. When will these weird weather patterns begin to subside?

    In our article on Armageddon, we have provided the strong likelihood of catastrophic events of higher intensity happening unless humankind changes its ways and adopts a more saattvik lifestyle and adopts spiritual practice as per the Universal six basic principles of spiritual practice. Sectarian spiritual practice and principles as advocated by some of the major religions of the world most of the time do not help in spiritual growth and very often lead to stagnation.

    These catastrophic events will come in the form of both unprecedented natural disasters and wars. The destruction that will follow will be a cleansing of the planet of people who are more raja-tama in their basic nature. The weird weather and effects of climate change will get worse before they get better. To give our readers an idea of the scale of destruction, the tsunami that hit Asia in 2004 created devastation that is approximately 1/1000th of the destruction that will happen to cleanse the planet of raja-tama. The destruction will be due to both natural disasters and war. The weather will begin to start settling down after 2025 and will come back to normal in about 50-60 years from 2025.

    4. Biological disasters

    Another interesting fact that we found through spiritual research is that the cause behind most biological disasters such as the deadly viruses on Earth such as AIDs, Ebola and Bird-flu is because of higher order ghosts. After 2025, when the battle between good and evil comes to an end within this cycle, there will be no introduction of new deadly viruses. The viruses that have been created however will remain on Earth and cures will need to be found for them.

    • The planetís recent climate changes and natural disasters that have alarmed us all are just the beginning of a spiritual cleansing period to rid the world of raja-tama. In this process of intense destruction over the next 10-15 years, Humanityís spiritual consciousness will also rise and will become closer to God.
    • In our article on ĎWhat can I do as a citizen of this world?í we have elaborated on various options that we have as humans to minimise the impact of this imminent cycle of destruction.

    bron: Spiritual science research foundation

    Wat het jul te sÍ hieroor?

    Cause and effect applies to us all, consider therefore your thoughts, words and actions carefully.

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    Default Re: Natural disasters - spiritual point of view

    Hello daar,

    Ek wil net graag hierdie noem, toe ek eerste die geestelike lewe begin ervaar het, het ek reeds
    besef dat ek beheer word deur 'n onsigbare gees.

    Ek was betrokke by geestelike berading vir myself want ek het die probleem by my ge-identifiseer
    as jaloesie, soos baie ander wou ek nie so wees nie maar kon myself nie beheer nie. My eerste ervaring toe my vriend die geestelike berader 'n sirkel om my en hom beveel het en hy toe met die
    gees wat my beheer begin praat het, my vlees was nie meer my eie nie, my gedrag het ook verander. Ek het 'n ervaring beleef wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie. Ek was die heeltyd bewus dat ek in die agtergrond gedruk word, in die geestelike realm en die heeltyd het hierdie verwaande gees my liggaam gebruik om te doen net wat hy wil en te sÍ net hy wou!! Daar was stukkies wat ek kon onthou hy my beveel het met begeertes om te doen, en ek dit geweier het. Om op daardie manier bewus te word van die onsigbare was moeilik om te verstaan. Want hulle kan jou laat dink dit is jou eie gedagtes en dan is dit eintlik hulle sin(die onsigbare mag sin).

    Juis omdat ons kennis oor hulle te min is, kon ons nie onderskei tussen hulle en ons eie gees nie.
    Ek weet ook nie hoe dit gebeur nie, maar het julle al daardie gevoel van hoenervleis iewers op julle lywe gevoel soms om die bene, arms dit voel amper soos 'n ritsel op jou vel ... kyk dan maar gerus 'n ruk daarna gebeur daar die onaangenaamste dinge met jou .... en skielik bevind jy jouself in die mees onsmaklikste episode van jou lewe en ... jy kan net nie verstaan hoe dit gebeur het nie ... of .... hoekom moes jy nou juis dit dinge gesÍ het op juis daardie oomblik nie!!

    Met baie moeite het ek geleer dit is nie altyd 'n goeie gees teenwoordig as ek daardie hoedervel ervaring kry nie ... dit kan die slegte een ook wees ... dan wag ek gewoonlik maar om te sien wat nou gaan gebeur....ek kan ook voel hoe ek geforseer word om dinge te sÍ en doen wat ek nie wil nie.

    Soos die verse in Romeine 7 vers 18 en 19 dit noem: Want ek weet dat in my, dit wil sÍ in my vlees, niks goeds woon nie; want om te wil is by my aanwesig, maar om goed te doen, dit vind ek nie.
    Want die goeie wat ek wil, doen ek nie, maar die kwaad wat ek nie wil nie, dit doen ek.

    Ek het uitgevind so in my eie stryd dat ons almal eintlik maar net Pione op 'n skaakbord is, in 'n geveg wat ons nie eers 'n benul van het nie. Geen idee wat rerig gebeur nie, omdat ons almal
    geestelik blind is.

    Daarom sÍ ek weer als wat hier op die aarde in die skepping aangaan is geestelik alhoewel die vleeslik lyk!

    Nog 'n punt wat ek dan ook wil uitwys, wie is werklik ons vyande die vleeslike wat voor jou staan of die gees wat hom of haar beheer?

    Ek bid baie vir krag vir my eie gees sodat ek hulle kan beheer, hierdie ongewenste geeste wat my so beheer .... maar doodeenvoudig verloor ek die stryd .... is my gees te swak om teen hulle te veg. .... Ek besef dat ek nog baie meer geestelike voeding moet kry om sterker te word .... dit maak my moedeloos partykeer. As ek net 'n manier kon vind om self teen hulle te staan te kan kom ...... sodat ek hulle kan beheer en nie meer hulle vir my nie!


    Die Vrou
    Everything in my Spiritual history lives and breathes in me, I am unique, I am special,
    and that is what is making me strong.

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