I pray the hands of time,
be mercy full and thus not tick away so carelessly what we have so little of...

I pray to the wind,
not to whisper a word of the storm blowing in our hearts.

I pray to the rays of the sun,
be gentle, not to scorch the fragile love blooming in it's light.

I pray to the thorn bird,
to hear, and thus keep the beat of my heart so the he can whistle the rhythm thereof in your ear,
I pray he does it softly, so no one else can hear.

I pray to the angels watching over you,
may they keep you safe from harm, not to let fear in your heart,
may they wrap you in the warmth of my love.

I pray to the stars, to shine my spirit upon you,
I pray my love to guide you when all around you and inside of you seems to fade,
when you do not see the path, may your faith lead you upon your way.

I pray your soul to seek out mine, to ride on the moonlight where we may not,
I pray our souls to always laugh and dance where we cannot.

To the blessing we receive in the stillness,
I pray the goddess of love to keep this secret

Forgive me my love, I cannot pray for the distance between us to be cleared,
I only dare to pray for you to hold me dear
for you my love, have my heart.