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    EL vs. Yahweh

    The Armageddon Choice

    Yahweh the "Maker" of Heaven and Earth vs. EL the Creator of Heaven & Earth

    The Demiurge is a "maker", a fabricator.

    God Most High is a creator, the Creator.

    Biomystical Christian theology holds that Christians must discover as Jesus did, the real God the Father and Source of compassion and wisdom which are reflected in Jesus' teachings. Jesus was named after the Hebrew tribal god, Yahweh, but Jesus' teachings are those of the Canaanite God Most High, EL. The Spirit of EL was carried like a Trojan horse within the Hebrew epic as the Messianic concept wherein the earthly king became a "son of EL" by mirroring EL's compassion and wisdom.

    Biomystical Christianity holds that Revelation's Armageddon prophesy of a Final Battle actually foretells the Armageddon Choice Christians must make now that the real identity of God Most High has come to light through historical research of ancient Canaanite texts. The Canaanite-Hebrew word for the "Mount of Assembly" where EL presided over His Divine Assembly was "Har MŰ ed", the Greek translation of which is "Armageddon".

    Christians must now choose between following the tribal god of the Jews, Yahweh, or following God Most High as Jesus did. One commands believers to commit evil against their neighbors in order to expand this tribal god's people. The other commands those who would be king to aid the lowly and needy and through them, gives instructions to the people to be compassionate as EL is compassionate and forgiving. One uses power and fear to control the people. The other uses compassion and wisdom winning the respect and love of the people. One is a Tyrant King, and One is a Sage King. Who will Christians follow then? The god of the Jews or God Most High?

    This is the Armageddon Choice.

    The will of EL Elyon, God Most High, and the prophesy of the death of Yahweh as one of the sons of EL. Psalm 82.

    "EL stands in the congregation of the mighty;

    He judges among the gods.

    How long will you judge unjustly,

    And show partiality to the wicked? Selah

    Defend the poor and fatherless;

    Do justice to the afflicted and needy.

    Deliver the poor and needy;

    Free them from the hand of the wicked.

    They do not know, nor do they understand;

    They walk about in darkness;

    All the foundations of the earth are unstable.

    I said, 'You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.

    But you shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.'

    Arise, O EL, judge the earth;

    For You shall inherit all nations."

    This Psalm reflects the Canaanite pantheon where EL presided over the Divine Assembly of gods called ""Har MŰ ed" in the Canaanite language which was translated into Greek as "Armageddon". This Psalm is shows the humanitarian aims of EL in His instructions to the other gods. Yahweh was one of those other gods, i.e., a "son of EL" as this Ugarit Canaanite text (KTU 1.1IV 14) shows: sm . bny . yw . ilt: "The name of the son of god, Yahweh." So does Psalm 89:6: "For who in the skies can be compared to Yahweh, who among the sons of EL is like Yahweh"


    Yahwehist priests falsely elevate Yahweh to EL Elyon's position as God Most High. Gnostics "knew" there was a false god being worshiped when everyone else didn't...they just didn't know how Yahweh usurped the throne of God Most High.

    The Origin of Yahweh: Yahweh was one of the "sons of EL"

    "El has taken his place in the assembly of EL, in the midst of the elohim He holds judgment."
    Psalm 82:1:

    "Ascribe to Yahweh, O sons of EL, ascribe to Yahweh glory and strength."

    Psalm 29:1:

    "For who in the skies can be compared to Yahweh, who among the sons of EL is like Yahweh,"

    Psalm 89:6:

    From anthropologist Donald Redford:

    "The name Yahweh has been an enigma over the centuries. The mystery is compounded by the fact that the vowels were not indicated in early Hebrew script, so its very pronunciation is shrouded with uncertainty--although the form given here, Yahweh, is considered to be the most likely one my most scholars and linguists. Some have speculated that the name is a form of the Hebrew verb hayah, "to be", that conveys the sense of "self-existing one", and that this is being played upon in Exodus 3:14 when Yahweh responds to Moses question about who he is by enigmatically saying, "I AM WHO I AM."

    Others are unconvinced. Whether the name has some meaning or not, we do know that the earliest reference to this deity is in name lists from Soleb and Amarah in the late fifteenth century BCE, where we find reference to "Yhw (in) the Land of Shasu". This Yhw is a short form of the tetragrammaton, the name of the God of Moses as written in Hebrew, without vowels: YHWH. Thus, our earliest reference to the Mosaic deity Yahweh connects the Hebrews to the Shasu, whose territory was the mountainous areas of Se'ir in northern Midian east of the Arabah and south of Edom. That the territory of the Shasu was an early center of devotion to Yahweh is supported by a number of biblical references that inform us that "Yahweh came from Sinai, and dawned from Seir upon us; he shone forth from Mount Paran" (Deuteronomy 33:2) and originating in Edom. And, of course, it is at Mount Horeb in Midian that Moses is said to have had his first encounter with Yahweh (Exodus 3:1-3) as well.

    Who were the people of Shasu? The name itself is from a Semitic root that means "to travel by foot", identifying the Shasu people as pastoral nomads who migrated with the seasons from one pasturage to another in the western parts of the Near East. Like the Hebrews, the Shasu were cattle-herders who wandered on foot in yearly cycles in search for forage between their home-base lands east of the Arabah and areas as distant as northern Syria and Egypt. Donald Redford (1992, Pp. 257-280) points out that the name is found in Egyptian sources as early as the Eighteenth Dynasty down through the Third Intermediate Period and refers to the nomadic peoples east of Egypt who occupied the southern Transjordan in the plains of Moab and northern Edom and the wastelands around Midian.

    According to Redford, Egyptian texts identify six locations within "the land of the Shasu". Five of these can be identified as Se'ir (Edom and northern Midian), Laban (which Redford suggests is probably Libona, south of Amman), Sam'ath (possibly the Shim'ethites, a subdivision of the Kenites spoken of in 1 Chron. 2:55), and Wrbr (which Redford suggests is likely the Wady Hasa). Redford also notes that in the 19th and 20th Dynasties, the Shasu are placed consistently in Edom and the Arabah (Timna). Thus, it is no coincidence that it is during his time as a pastoralist shepherd in the mountains of Midian that Moses learns of Yahweh, the Shasu war god who made his home in the volcanic mountains of Shasu."

    "There is one Ugaritic text which seems to indicate that among the inhabitants of Ugarit, Yahweh was viewed as another son of El. KTU 1.1 IV 14 says:

    sm . bny . yw . ilt

    "The name of the son of god, Yahweh."

    This text seems to show that Yahweh was known at Ugarit, though not as the Lord but as one of the many sons of El."

    The Great Angel

    I have recently found a author, Prof. Margaret Barker, a bible scholar who seems to be researching the origin of Yahweh as a Son of God and coming to much the same conclusions as I have following my own studies and insights. I recommend her book "The Great Angel" to see how archeological evidence and careful study of existing Judeo-Christian texts shows the true relationship of Yahweh as Son to EL, God the Father.

    Interestingly enough I must acknowledge that Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon Church despite his fudging his LDS religious history in order to create Mormonism as a new organized religion, actually did spiritually arrive at the knowledge of the Elohim and Yahweh's true identity long before bible scholars. I find it significant that he too included Native Americans in his spiritual revelations in the Book of Mormon. In the Great Angel reference page you can read of a Mormon scholar's opinion of Margaret Barker's theory and others relevant to showing the true identity of Yahweh as a son of EL in the ancient Canaanite pantheon. It has been interesting to me to discover that John Smith too questioned the identity of Yahweh as his revelations of the Elohim were similar to my own.

    Please see The Great Angel book reviews page for reviews of Margaret Barker's book that give her theories on how Yahweh was first worshipped as an angel of EL Elyon.

    EL as Jah

    Elijah means "My God Most High is Jah" and Elijah must come before the Messiah. Jesus transformed Yahweh into "Jah" as Jah is known to us now via the Ethiopian-Rastafarian Christian tradition of Jah as Love, the love Jesus showed the world. In spiritual symbolism the Ark of the Covenant resides in Ethiopia. Rastafarians carry the Ethiopian connection which holds the image of the transformed Yahweh as "Jah", transformed from a tyrant into a loving God, a true blending of EL and and his Son who paid his price for our salvation, for salvation is of Yahweh, the literal meaning of Jesus' name.

    The Warring Brothers or Warring Twins

    Here is another way I look at the difference between EL and Yahweh. Together they form the archetype of the warring brothers or twins that in pagan and pre-Judeo-Christian religions usually represented the Sun's daily and yearly cycle.

    Osirus and Set, Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Castor and Pollux, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, etc.

    There is a Rising Sun and a Setting Sun, dawn to noon, noon to dusk, Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice and back.

    These are the heavenly models of God as God the Father. When God is God the Great Mother or Goddess you get the three images instead of two, representing virgin, mother, and crone, birth, life, and death.

    From Internet Talkboard Postings

    Since my "ministry" as such exists in the form of theological discussions on various Internet talkboards, I have included some postings I have made that amplify the reasons why knowledge of the true God Most High is being restored in our times.

    For those who have followed my postings and visited my website they will know that I am convinced I have discovered just who the God was that Jesus was in spiritual contact with, a God that should have had the characteristics of the Old Testament God Yahweh but didn't seem to at all judging by Jesus' teachings from his "good Father".

    Unlike Yahweh of the Old Testament, Jesus' good Father in heaven was more interested in having Jesus teach us about spreading the spiritual Kingdom of God in the world as neighborly love, compassion, and non-judgment than he was in having Jesus teach us like the Old Testament prophets about Yahweh's intolerance of human weakness, Yahweh's righteous anger and very conditional love given to his believers, a love that would be withdrawn from any who disobeyed his commandments.

    The parts of the New Testament gospels that most people remember about Jesus' instructions from his good Father to be taught to the world don't carry much indication at all of Yahweh's wrathful, vengeful, Old Testament character, a fact that has puzzled many believers for nearly 2000 years. Many of the original Gnostic Christians went so far as to claim Yahweh wasn't the highest god at all, that he was a sub-god, an inept and ignorant one at that who had bungled Creation and made it filled with pain and misery and a spiritual trap for human souls.

    The highest god for these early Gnostics was an Alien God only connected to the sub-god Yahweh's botched job of a world through a long series of emanated intermediary spiritual beings or realities called "aeons". For the old Gnostics our physical world and material reality in general was thought to be bad and something to be dealt with as little as possible. The true life was to be found not on earth but in the Gnostic's soul returning after being imprisoned in the material body to repose eternally in the Gnostic's true home in the spiritual Light of God. The world, the physical body and its regenerative needs, were no good, just traps for the soul according to early Gnostic theologies.

    Although my own religious conversion experience shared a lot of Gnostic-like themes, this one, of condemnation of Creation wasn't one of them. God never condemned the world in my first religious experience of Gnosis or in any spiritual revelatory experiences I've had periodically over the years since my first one. I couldn't agree with the old Gnostic position that Creation was inherently bad. True, the material world is bound by some harsh realities like death and destruction but it was also the matrix in which the gems of Life are to be found; beauty, love and goodness.

    If you think about it, all our concepts of Heaven are based on the most pleasing aspects of life on earth. So for me, as for other modern Gnostics, Creation or the material world is good, our material bodies are not inherently evil because human consciousness of spiritual reality cannot take place without one's material body to perceive it. But if Yahweh isn't the Creator of our material world and ourselves, who is? And if Jesus' good Father in heaven didn't seem like Yahweh of the Old Testament, who was he?

    About a year ago I think it's been now, I was in another one of my "episodes" of spiritual revelation. I was lead by the Spirit to research ancient Middle Eastern religions. When I started reading about the characteristics of the ancient Canaanites' highest God, EL, a wave of recognition swept over me. To the Canaanites, EL was pictured just like God has been popularly imaged in our Christian traditions, a kindly grandfather type with a long grey or white beard and long hair. But it was EL's loving and non-judgmental characteristics mirrored in the Canaanite appellations for him--"EL the Compassionate One", "EL the Kindly One", "EL the Merciful One", and "EL the Creator", that I said to myself, "oh my God! This is Jesus' "good Father"! This is who Jesus got his spiritual instructions from! And this guy is not Yahweh!

    Yes, I knew that the Hebrew God had several non-Yahweh names and the name EL was a primary one. I knew that the Hebrew epic began with Abraham's encounter with a God Most High who made a pact with Abraham promising all of the land of Canaan as a new home for the Hebrews. I knew that the name of this God Most High was probably EL because both Canaanites and Hebrews used the name EL Elyon, God Most High as an appellation for this God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I knew that the original Creation story in Genesis God was referred to as Elohim, a plural form of EL. And I knew that Jacob, Abraham's grandson, encountered a God named EL because Jacob built an altar at the spot where he had his dream of the Ladder to Heaven, a spot known before as Luz but changed by Jacob to "Bethel" or "House of EL". However, for all the incorporation of the EL name for God into the Hebrew religion of Yahweh, e.g. Isra-El, EL-ijah, Ezeki-EL, and a host of other Hebrew names that begin or end with "EL", EL's sweet Canaanite characteristics never made it until they were manifested again by Jesus.

    Within the Hebrew epic the name of God as EL appears in significant places as forecasting the Messiah. Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet Christianity looks to the most for his Messianic prophesies, uses the name "Immanuel" meaning literally "The God EL is with us" as the name for the Messianic Child to be born. And the gospel accounts of Jesus' birth also repeat Isaiah's Immanuel prophesy but don't really explain why Jesus was not named Immanuel. In Luke's account he has the angel Gabriel (EL again), repeat the Isaiah prophesy but with "Immanuel" part switched to "Jesus".

    Then there is the mysterious cry from Jesus on the cross in Aramaic in Mark and Matthew's gospels "Eli (or Eloi), Eli, lama sabachthani?", literally, "My God EL, My God EL, why hast thou forsaken me?" And EL did seem to have forsaken the Jesus as Jesus became Yahwehized again when Paul, Mark and the rest of the New Testament writers took the earlier traditions of the followers of Jesus and Jesus' good Father in heaven and put the fear of the Old Testament God back into Christianity.

    The Christian God was a God of Love in theory but he would also roast you in Hell forever if you didn't obey his written word, i.e., the Roman Church Father's authorized New Testament selection of early Christian texts. With the Book of Revelation added, the God of Wrath and vengeance makes the Yahweh victory over EL complete. Traditional Christianity would become known the world it conquered by brutality and intolerance that followed these same Yahweh characteristics. Or so it would seem.

    Gnostic and other non-traditional Christian rebellions occurred right from the start and continued here and there through the centuries of the rise and establishment of Christianity as the leading religion in Western Civilization. But it hasn't been until our New Millennium that these counter-Christian theologies could ever seem to pose a real threat to established Christian beliefs based mainly upon fear of a Yahweh type God. Oh, Christians would claim love and compassion for their fellow man but the overall history of Christian social practice reveals otherwise. But thankfully, there were and are always exceptions to this general trend enabling Christianity to produce Christians periodically who actually followed Jesus' EL-like teachings.

    * *

    A, the main reference I use for my information on Canaan is John Gray's "Near Eastern Mythologies". This is where you will find out about how EL was the God Canaanites went to to ask for forgiveness of sins even though most of the time EL seems remote from human affairs concerned mainly with the Assembly of Gods, seeing to it Order and not Chaos ruled Creation by keeping tabs on Baal in Baal's yearly battles with the gods of Chaos and destruction of society or the harvest that society was absolutely dependent on.

    I know the expressions of concern for widows and orphans is in Gray's book and I know I have read elsewhere of Mesopotamian and Egyptian concerns for these classes of people expressed identically to the Hebrews but I can't remember off hand where these other references are found.

    There is no doubt that the Hebrew Codes increased the humaneness of social laws in the ancient Near East, probably surpassing the Canaanite social conduct codes of which we have little information. I don't know of an equivalent Code of Hammurabi or Moses for Canaan or specific Canaanite cities. But one must remember the Canaanites were the Phoenicians (both words, Canaanite and Greek, mean "purple" and stood for the purple dye Canaanite coastal cities were famous for) and were known mainly for their trading.

    The Phoenicians got around, perhaps even to America. We owe them our alphabet. They were not known to history for grossly violent evil acts against their neighbors which would go against their trade relationships anyway. The Hebrews gave the Canaanites a bum rap because they wanted the land of Canaan all for themselves.

    So for my Canaanite information I read Gray. His information I trust more than others because he taught Semitic Languages in Palestine as well as Scotland, was a minister, and he made a point of not exploiting this sensational Canaanite information as many another would in a bid for fame and fortune. But perhaps that was the times he was writing in- late '50's and '60's.

    But even though Gray wrote decades ago this information really is still sensational and every Christian should be aware of pre-Hebrew Canaanite religious beliefs, if for no other reason than to discover the wonderfully mystery of how well the Canaanite conception of EL fits Jesus' "Abba" plus the mystery of why the major Hebrew religious names contain EL in them.

    But the beginnings of the Messianic concept can be seen there as well in the concept of the earthly king as a Son of EL who rules the earthly kingdom like EL's rules in heaven, with compassion and wisdom which makes EL's type of kingly rulership radically different from the typical oriental despot/commander-in-chief model God, e.g. YHWH, Marduk, Baal, etc.

    If EL has a dark side I haven't found it. That "lurid" story you mention is actually a ribald tale of where EL is made fun of, a Greek-like way of relating a story about this God Most High that humanizes him. Can you imagine Hebrews telling a bawdy story about YHWH? It's the fact that EL was married to Asherah I tell you that makes EL a wiser, kinder God the Father.

    But do find a copy of Gray's book. I can't recommend it more highly. There you will find out about the Canaanite and Mesopotamian religious/social concerns for the widow, the orphan, that match Hebrew concerns. Elsewhere I have read of Egyptian concerns for these same lowly classes.

    The Hebrews may have broadened the categories for social aid but they didn't invent the morality of altruism. Any society that is going to last has to develop a strong social concern for most if not all members of that society. Actually, in terms of care for the weakest members of society, I have read that the Kalahari Bushpeople surpass all of us in civilized society.

    Let us not forget it was the Greeks and not the Hebrews who gave us the Hippocratic Oath as well as the beginnings of democratic idealism. So when you read the Hebrew version of Canaanite morality bear in mind the prejudice. Just like the prejudice of the aggressor European nations used here in America against the native peoples who were "savages" meaning they killed relatively few people with primitive weapons in periodic village raids while Europeans were "civilized" white people, meaning they killed in huge numbers with advanced weapons for territorial conquest and profit.

    The Hebrews wanted the Canaanite's land because it was more fertile than the interior desert. Canaan was like California. Coastal sea, forested mountains, fertile valley plains. Not all gravel and sand desert with hardly any vegetation. The Hebrews wanted Canaan but wanted to rule it as Israel from Jerusalem, not the northerly or westerly Canaanite cities. f or for and the earthly kingship. This is where you will find out about how the Canaanite religion and Mesopotamian ones too, had concerns for the widow, the orphan, the bottom wrung members of society that mirror Hebrew concerns.

    Please remember I am not a scholar but a visionary servant of God. My scholarship is laughable. Whatever research I do is inspired by visions or religious insights. I am filled with zeal to find out about a certain thing that has curiosity, e.g. why was the Hebrews' Messianic prophesy name contain EL as the name of God instead of one referring to YHWH? So I rush to read what I can get hold of here in my fairly boondocks of a community. So my research is not exhaustive by any means.

    I leave it to God for whatever findings I have discovered about God in ancient writings to pass or fail the test of further historical discovery. So far, God's been right on the button about the conclusions I drew early on about using the Bible as a historical reference for ancient Near Eastern religions and cultures.

    If you were familiar with the old Gnostic views of YHWH you would know they had about as much use for YHWH as Biomystical Christianity does. In fact, they were so upset with YHWH that they held all of Creation against him, claiming it was a flawed business by an incompetent lower deity who mistakenly thought he was the only god. They thought Creation, the material world was this god's trap for ensnaring souls that desired only to be rejoined with the Light of God.

    These early Gnostics had no idea of Canaanite history then and no knowledge that the Canaanite God Most High, EL was a different God than the Hebrew's YHWH because by the time of Christ, the Jews had successfully stripped "EL" of his Canaanite identity to make the word a generic term for "God". But once found, the appellations attributed to EL, the way the Canaanites related to EL, one just has the sense that these people were relating to a Father god whose mildness and non-judgment seems at a far remove from the jealous and vengeful God of Moses.

    * *

    These "Father" faces of God, EL or YHWH, are just that, "faces" of God seen by humans. Human beings seem incapable of relating to God other than in human being terms which in turn anthropomorphisizes God. In my religious experiences of God, I never hear a voice of God, never meet an angel in the flesh or in dreams or in way experience God as any kind of Being in our human conception of that term.

    The closest to establishing an "identity" for the God who meets with me through these synchronicity experiences, is when the name of "Ariel" pops up unexpectedly in synchronistic fashion, e.g. I am visiting my sister in Portland and while I am there somebody is spraying the name "Ariel" around downtown Portland, or like when I went sightseeing up the mountain road to Mt. St. Helens because the eruption of this mountain came months after my religious experience and I thought it might be a sign for further major showings of God's Plan. (the sun was darkened and the moon did turn red in the path of ash from St. Helens). So no big sign from God relating to Mt. St. Helens and me except I run into the little town of Ariel. Stuff like that.

    The way God intervenes in my life it makes it hard for me to see any real difference between what I experience as God's guidance in my life and a Path that was already there to begin. Once this Path is found it must be tread because there are no other paths that lead to the ultimate truth of reality which is that reality is all controlled by God, reality is God in the sense that there is no separation possible of material things and events from the hidden or spiritual archetypes or forms of God underlying their existence.

    So when I use "EL" for the Father face of God or "Asherah" for the Mother face of God, I do not see these with pagan Canaanite eyes as separate Deities, each with their own separate natures, powers, and areas of sovereignty, but as the primary archetypal aspects of the One God, the Holy One.

    The Gnostics were careful to make a distinction between aspects or "emanations" from God and God Itself as a singularity, ultimately inconceivable to the human mind. This keeps Gnosticism monotheistic as opposed to Trinitarian belief. God is always One. When Biomystical Christianity talks of God the Father and the Great Mother it is still in reference to the Holy One as a Unity of these primary opposing aspects of Life that coincide with the primary opposing aspects of Creation, spirit and matter.

    If the YHWH Tetragrammaton had kept to symbolizing God as Father-Mother-Son-Daughter it would be easier to keep it as the primary term for God but YHWH is far too associated with Scriptures describing the actions of a very male, tyrant-King type of god, far too harsh in character for the softening Kabbalistic interpretations of the name to overcome.

    * *

    When I read Gen 3:17 I understand God to be cursing the ground for humankind, cursing humankind to a life of drudgery and toil, and withholding the information about eternal life that Jesus brought. Yes, you are correct in that in those verses God doesn't outright say "eternally" but says "all the days of your life". Since Adam stood as a representative of all humanity "all the days" of Adam's life equal all the days of humanity. If Adam doesn't represent all of humanity then God's commandments and curses apply only to him and perhaps Eve, but not to anyone else.

    But Jews and then Christians following Jesus' own self-styling of himself as the "Son of Adam", i.e, as another universal Man like Adam and representing all of humanity, so my reasoning is true, what God did to the first Adam applies to all humanity, at least until Jesus came along and broke the curse of "dust to dust" with knowledge from the Tree of Knowledge about the fruit of the Tree of Life, eternal life, such knowledge the God in Adam and Eve forbids as punishment for his created beings not performing to his desires and that, as I have stated before is not responsible adult parental behavior one should expect from a God touted to be our "Father".

    Don't get the idea that just because I am putting this argument out here now that the God in the Adam and Eve story is cruel, not a loving God at all, and also, not omniscient, e.g., "Where are you?" not even knowing where Adam was, that I springing some new Arielite doctrine on you. This view of Yahweh was quite common in Gnostic Christian texts and even one very prominent early Christian theologian who nearly became Bishop of Rome, Marcion, held the exact same viewpoint.

    He taught that with Jesus' teachings from his "good Father", the true God had surely shown the world that It had broken with the Judaic line with its limited understanding of God as an often savage and cruel tyrant, Yahweh. To Marcion, only those Christian writings that were free of contamination of the teachings of old Jewish God were valid. So don't think for a moment that because I reject the Old Testament God as the highest spiritual authority, that I reject the true God, the God Jesus worshipped.

    I know that God. That God is EL and you can discover for yourselves the difference between EL and Yahweh by going beyond the Jewish prejudice in favor of their tribal God, Yahweh, e.g., saying only that "EL" is merely another name of God, to researching EL's roots in the Promised Land, ancient Canaan. There you will find Jesus' Good Father and the Creator. There you find EL the Compassionate One, EL the Merciful One, EL the Kindly One, EL the Creator, these are the epithets of EL that the Canaanites gave to their God Most High.

    The Messiah represents EL as Isaiah shows in the name to be given the Messianic Child, "Immanuel", literally "the God EL is with us". I don't acknowledge God as Yahweh but I do acknowledge that God has worked through the "Yahweh" face shown to the world through the Hebrews. But since Jesus' time the prophesy of the necessity of Elijah coming first has been fulfilled. "Elijah", literally "EL is Jah", EL is Yahweh, the new Good Father face of God to the Jews and to all of us. Instead of being christened Immanuel, Jesus bore Yahweh's name but still He clearly taught EL's compassion and mercy. Therefore, through Jesus, we know EL has become the prominent face of God the Father.

    The full Godhead is ELohim and is deliberately a plural noun but represents a single Holy One. I once was willing to toss Yahweh out altogether but God changed my mind. There was a spiritual reason why the face of God to humanity had to go through Yahweh. In ancient times, while EL was Canaan's God Most High and had all the characteristics of Jesus' Good Father and none of Yahweh's tyranny, EL was still just the highest one in a pantheon of deities, each with their own "turf" and ways of acting, i.e, EL was part of true polytheism where there was no concept of a God of All, a single Holy One, incorporating everything in the Universe in Itself.

    So to bring that spiritual understanding to humankind God had to establish the concept of monotheism, recognition of a single God of All somewhere which It did first through the Egyptian Pharaoh, Aknaton, then through the Hebrews, when Aknaton blew it by seeing the single God symbolized by the sun, RA, which obviously leaves out the earth, the moon, humanity and Life--not a good symbol for a God of All. But the Yahweh face of the single God of All was deficient from the start as the Yahweh version of the Genesis of humankind, the Adam and Eve story shows all who have not let their faith blind them to truth. The ELohim version, is the one I take as truth in symbolic spiritual form.

    ELohim is my God whom I love and obey and who guides me with Its Spirit of Christ. You can keep yourself in spiritual bondage to the Old Testament God but Jesus showed you the truth, and I show you the truth. Later on, when you're more spiritually mature, the Spirit of Christ will show you the Feminine face of ELohim, the Holy One, because God has a Father and a Mother face just as we are made in Its Image, male and female.

    * *

    God does not change but human understanding of It does. That's why the God Jesus worshipped and whose will he followed and told us to follow can no longer be Yahweh, the tribal god of the Jews. Yahweh was the Hebrew understanding of God as God the Father only. Yahweh was God's darker side from the beginning. Yahweh from the beginning was a savage face of God, a tribal god only really interested in making sure the Jews would follow his Laws by threat of calamity and/or unending punishment.

    The moment Yahweh held his created beings eternally responsible for not obeying him and finding out the Truth for themselves is the moment Yahweh reveals his warped character. No responsible human parent would hold their innocent children responsible for lack of knowledge but Yahweh did just that. The moment God told Abraham to kill his son for him, Yahweh again showed his true dark side character. No loving parent would ever demand such obedience that demands destruction of a loving relationship, father to son, in order to appease a tyrant god.

    All the Goodness of God is from EL. All the unmerciful judgment, all the lies given to the Hebrews as truths, e.g., follow the Commandment not to murder yet then in the Mosaic Law codes demands murder and orders murder, even genocide of men, women and children as can be seen in the story of Joshua. No god of Justice as is claimed for Yahweh would ever call justice the stealing of another people's land yet Yahweh did just that when the Hebrews invaded Canaan, genocided the people, stole their land, stole the name of their God Most High even, such acts again reversing the Ten Commandments not to covet anything of thy neighbor's.

    The true Creator reached Jesus as the Spirit of EL as prophesy demanded because the Creator wanted us to know who the real God the Father was, who Jesus' good Father was. The Goodness of God is through the Spirit of EL which is why the name of EL figures so prominently in Hebrew scriptures even though to them Yahweh is their tribal god. The prophesy of the Messiah included the prophesy of the return of the Spirit of EL back into Hebrew consciousness thus the prophesied Messianic name of "Immanuel", literally "EL is with us". Jesus was the Holy One's way of showing the Jews and then the whole world, the Gentiles, that Yahweh was to be dethroned as the God the Father face of Itself. The Holy One through Jesus (named after Yahweh) sacrificed Yahweh so that the Spirit of EL could be resurrected and reborn into first Jewish then Gentile spiritual understanding of the true Godhead.

    But until you search, until you find out who EL really was before the Hebrew's came into EL's homeland and stole EL's name to add to the names of their tribal god, Yahweh, you will never discover who Jesus' Good Father is. You won't discover EL the Compassionate One, EL the Merciful One, EL the Kindly One, all these being the character defining names that the Canaanites understood their God Most High.

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    Default Re: El vs Jahweh

    Jesus was the Holy One's human bridge between Yahweh and EL, leaving Yahweh behind and bringing EL to the forefront of human understanding of God as God the Father. This spiritual understanding is the meaning behind why it is said Elijah must come first. "Elijah" = "EL is Jah" and we must know that, know how EL came to be known as Jah, as Yahweh, before we can spiritually understand what Jesus was all about. The Transfiguration scene is another spiritual message for us to see how Jesus replaces the God of Moses and fulfills "ELijah" in himself and in his sacrifice.

    Those that do not know the Spirit of EL that Jesus brought to replace Yahweh's cruel spirit are spiritually blind to their own dark sides, excusing cruelty in the Yahweh's behavior and excusing cruelty in their own lives, e.g., blindly following authority figures even such blind obedience makes one an accomplice to acts violating the humanity Jesus taught. Such are the Jews in power today as they kill Palestinian children "for security" reasons and such are traditional Christians who, following Paul's doctrine, condone executions and unjust wars, all premeditated acts of murder, if these murderous acts are sanctioned by the State.

    You cannot serve two masters. Either you serve the Good Father God Jesus worshipped and obeyed and told us to do likewise to enter into the Kingdom or you serve the Jewish tribal god, the god of Paul and all Christians who believe Man is basically evil and not good, not made in the image of ELohim. Jesus told you to worship his good Father. I tell to find out for yourselves who that good Father God is so that you will know right from wrong, good from evil.

    * *

    No, a, the time has come to NOT think of God as an animal. That's just the problem. Once you find out that Yahweh is not the source of the Spirit of Christ but an upstart tribal God who's relationship with his believers rests on fear in the usual sense of that word, you realize Yahweh has no moral ground to stand on because the best Yahweh can ever do is mimic EL's compassion and mercy. When it comes from Yahweh it is totally hypocritical because of Yahweh's mythical/historical record of animal rage at human disobedience.

    Adam and Eve banished from Paradise because these totally naive people didn't obey this tyrant God's commandments against human beings being human, i.e., curious creatures which is how we have learned all the things we've learned. Women, half of the human race, cursed forever because of Eve's naivete by this male God. Yahweh destroying the whole world save for one family and a ship full of animals. Then there's the blatant hypocrisy.

    If Yahweh is responsible for the Ten Commandments (might be some serious doubt there), then Yahweh is the father of lies. We are supposed to obey the Ten Commandments, right? One Commandment says we are not to murder. Another says we are not to covet anything of our neighbors. Well, you know what commandments are also given by Yahweh in the full Mosaic Law, some of which command killing for this and that offence. And you know how God ordered Joshua to kill, kill, kill, the Canaanites, men, women, and children, and steal their land to force God's promised to Abraham. And you may know of the orders of God given to Ezekiel to kill men, women and children. Then there's God of Revelation killing off billions of humans, saving 144,000 Elect if you are a literal believer in the Bible.

    Even given the mythological base of these Bible stories, the God that could do such evil and command men to such evil can no longer be tolerated by anyone who has the Spirit of Christ within them because that Spirit comes from a truly Loving Father and not a savage tribal deity who can never teach us right from wrong because this God doesn't know the difference itself.

    History shows, the nightly News show, just what happens when the God you worship is warped. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is here with us as God's reminder in no uncertain terms that the genocidal sins of Joshua and the Hebrews when they invaded Canaan haven't gone away with time or any amount of self-righteous Judaism. When given the opportunity to reestablish temporal Zionism look what they do with their power--repeat Joshua's crimes. And look what a hideous nightmare traditional Christianity became 1700 years for those poor people unlucky enough to be caught in the path of "Christian" religious aggression.

    The fruit can never be wholesome if the tree is rotten. There's no "grafting" on to the morally rotten tree of Judaism that Christians following Pauline doctrine attempt to do. What you end up with is moral rot in Christianity. History confirms this. And if you are truly spiritually aware, your conscience, your Spirit of Christ within, tells you so. A truly loving God Almighty shows Its love, teaches Its love, and does teach hatred and revenge, i.e., a truly loving God teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves just as the authentic teachings of Jesus from His good Father instructed Him and He instructed us.

    These are the End Times of all religions that do not guide human beings towards full Humanity made in the image of the Holy One.

    "And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."

    A, through me the Holy One is telling you and all traditional Christians that the Armageddon choice has arrived. You cannot serve two masters. Either you revere and serve a truly Good God, one that leads you towards becoming a "Human Being" as the Cheyenne would say, a truly humane and honorable being, or you perpetuate reverence and service to savagery disguised as righteousness.

    * *

    D, the Gospels were written in Greek. What is the word used in the Lord's Prayer? Was it "Yahweh" or the Greek word for the Jewish God? The only word we know of in the Gospels that has a special claim to authenticity is Jesus' using the Aramaic "Abba" for the name of his God, his good Father in Heaven.

    In Mark, the original NT Gospel, Jesus is called by the demon possessed man, "Jesus, Son of the Most High God" If Most High God or God Most High were written in Hebrew it would be the Canaanite name of God, El Elyon.

    Jesus is a bridge between Yahweh and EL. This is the fulfillment of the spiritual meaning of Elijah coming first to restore all things. EL is Jah. I tell you if you want to know who God Most High is you have to read about the Canaanites and see for yourself where a number of important Judeo-Christian religious concepts began when the Hebrews came into Canaan and fused EL's names to Yahweh, the Hebrew's tribal God who, once you learn the Canaanite deities, seems much more like EL's "son", Baal, the original "Rider on the clouds" as Yahweh is called in Psalms 68:4.

    EL is the original model for a God above the gods and that's why the Holy One used the Hebrews to continue the human understanding of God. Yahweh has always been to caught up in the world to be the great impartial Supreme Deity. In Canaan, EL was on the way to being literally, the most high God, meaning that His compassionate actions reflect a wisdom that is only achieved by impartial judgment. I mean, I just read today that the Canaanite Ras Shamra tablets have a bawdy story where EL "comes across in a course and even ridiculous role." Can you imagine Jews or traditional Christians feeling so..comfortable with their God they can write dirty jokes about him in their religious texts? No, In Canaan, EL is special.

    * *

    EL didn't have those storm god, war god (Lord of Hosts) appellations that Yahweh had. That was lower order stuff Baal handled which is why Yahweh was so determined to oust Baal worship-Baal was the real competitor of Yahweh. EL was above them both until Yahweh's people came and pushed EL's people out of power in their own land and into history, a history that has returned again causing a conflict now threatening the world.

    It's time to Wake Up! The Spirit of EL has returned by becoming known again as He was in Canaan, the Promised Land. Now we can understand why the Messiah was to be named "Immanuel", EL is with us. Now we know where Jesus got his compassionate teachings from and who is "good Father" was. EL is the Father of the Spirit of Christ.

    The original Canaanite/Israelite conflict has returned with our direct involvement. These are the End Times of all religions that do not contain the Spirit of Christ which was given Its most dramatic form in the story of the crucifixion death of Jesus. That Passion story has the spiritual ability to override old animal programming whereby the most fiercely aggressive individuals rule the pack, the herd, the organization, the nation, the world.

    The Christ sacrifice models the action needed to reverse the animal rule. The strongest must sacrifice power for love. The King of Kings gives His all for the sake of Humanity. The strong shall serve the weakest even if it means surrendering your "life", your desires, your ambitions, your time, to help your neighbor in need.

    In this way, the first become last and the last first and individuals and societies are made whole again because we bring in the true Kingdom of Heaven this way where Kindness rules and the Meek have inherited the earth. Knowing that the good Father is EL the Kindly One is one more step towards knowing the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

    * *

    D, if you just go by Judeo-Christian references you won't know about EL because they carried no information about the way EL was understood to His Canaanite believers. My reference source for finding out about EL in the Canaanite religion was John Gray's "Near Eastern Mythologies". The man has credentials, one of which if memory serves was being a professor of Semitic Languages.

    I do not say EL is the totality of God. What I say is that the true God is so complex a Unity that we humans seem to be only able to conceive of It through the "faces" It shows to us, i.e., through emanations from a central unknowable Source. The patriarchal religions squashed the prominent Feminine face of God found in pagan religions and the Israelites squashed the compassionate God the Father face of EL when they came into Canaan, genocided the Canaanites and stole their land at their tribal God Yahweh's command.

    Like many conquering peoples in ancient times, the Israelites also stole the Canaanite's name for their God Most High and added EL's appellations that those of Yahweh's. But the appellations that described EL's character, e.g. "EL the Compassionate One", "EL the Merciful One", "EL the Kindly One" were not used because Yahweh is above all a tyrant God and it is unquestioning obedience and not compassion which is Yahweh's primary concern for His believers. Unfortunately, one cannot serve two masters.

    Yahweh's "love" is so conditional it cannot be called love in any meaningful sense which Paul and every Christian following Paul's doctrine should have recognized when he wrote about God's love. Compassion and mercy and forgiveness just cannot reside together with demands for unquestioning obedience and threat of horrendous retribution for those who disobey. When the two opposites are mixed together as one God the Father you can only get a schizophrenic understanding of God and that's exactly what Judaism and traditional Christianity has produced: love for one's own and often hatred for all others.

    I don't know if the real Jesus knew about EL as by his time, Canaanite history was long buried in the past. But I am convinced the Spirit of Christ as compassion, mercy and forgiveness stem from Jesus being spiritually in touch with the compassionate nature of EL as He was known in the Promised Land. Perhaps Jesus did know his good Father by name. The mysterious cry at his crucifixion is not to Yahweh, but to EL. "Eloi, Eloi, My God EL, my God EL, why hast though forsaken Me?"

    I realize separating EL from Yahweh creates a God the Father with two personalities. But as the sun shines this is the archetypal truth for all human beings, all men especially. We all have a dual nature where goodness and the potential for evil exist side by side. Most of us see our spiritual work as making the goodness aspect of ourselves the ascendant one as that is what the Holy One through Jesus showed us is following the will of His good Father in Heaven. This means we have to put the God of Retribution and the wrathful Lamb behind us and keep our hearts, minds, and souls, focused on a truly loving God, one that shows compassion and forgiveness for the least of us as much as the greatest of us.

    D, you mention the author's of Revelation belief in Ezekiel. Here are commandments from Yahweh in Ezekiel that no moral person can stomach let alone obey. To others in Jerusalem not having the mark (preshadowing the mark of the Beast) on their foreheads, Yahweh commands "Utterly slay old and young men, maidens and little children and women." Now, I ask you as a Christian, how can one serve a savage God who gives such commandments such as these or the ones given to Joshua or the ones inspiring the death and destruction of almost all men, women and children on earth except an Elect of 144,000? One cannot if one is a true Christian following the teachings of Jesus from his Good Father.

    * *


    "Theology is concerned with our image of God: what we believe God is like. The danger is taking the image of God and treating this as if it IS God, which it is not; it is our approximation. I believe this is something the mystics of the time period - the Essenes, the early Rabbis, the Gnostics - were all concerned with. It shows up in their literature. Confusing the image for the reality -- the map for the landscape -- is an occupational hazard of the mystical path. It is one we must beware."


    True enough, Aj, but I will not be persuaded of YHVH' being a god of justice or on the side of goodness as you claim "and since YHVH ALHYM is a god of justice, he must be on the side of good, right?". There is a mythology promoted by Jews and Christians that Yahweh is a god of Justice. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept that at all. No god of Justice delivers a set of Commandments that include prohibitions against killing others or stealing from others then turns around and gives more commandments demanding murdering of transgressors and genociding non-believers, men, women and children, and stealing their land at the point of a sword. The god that inspired such evil acts must be abandoned if we are to truly learn what justice entails.

    * *


    Hello Arielmessenger,

    "No god of Justice delivers a set of Commandments that include prohibitions against killing others or stealing from others then turns around and gives more commandments demanding murdering of transgressors and genociding non-believers, men, women and children, and stealing their land at the point of a sword. The god that inspired such evil acts must be abandoned if we are to truly learn what justice entails."

    I agree with you, that no "God of Justice" could order people to kill others, especially after giving a clear command, "No killing."

    Your objection requires interpreting the Bible and as a document which "appeared" all at once. IM(NS)HO it is more reasonable to read the Bible as a document that grew over time (especially since this is what the textual evidence suggests), and that encompasses several different ways of relating to and understanding God which developed as the Jewish religion progressed.

    My statement about "YHVH ALHYM having to be on the side of good" was made in the context of a society whose religion was changing from belief in a "morally complex" God to belief in a "morally singular" God. If you worship a morally complex God (who commits actions both good and evil) and then later decide that God must actually be morally singular, you must decide that God is either good or evil. This was the dilemma faced by the authors of the Biblical "Wisdom" books.

    * *

    Hi Aj,

    Well, being how's I am unquestionably biased in favor of these Biomystical Christian interpretations of mine I will put forth the BC argument: I am against letting Yahweh and the Judeo-Christian epic off the hook so easily by granting evolving wisdom in understanding how Yahweh mellows out with time.

    The problem is that Yahweh can never be a God of truth or justice or wholesomeness because the very roots of Yahweh are rotten. Looked at with half an eye to morality the Adam and Eve story is a grotesque display of immaturity and pathological need for blind obedience by this God Yahweh of the Old Testament. Then there are the lies of Yahweh through the Ten Commandments which he gives for all time supposedly then abrogates the Ten by commands that contradict them. Plus the blatant racism of this God, the propensity to treat other nations as dirt by this tribal God of Israel, and on and on. The point is, can any wholesome fruit ever come from this God?

    Look at the historical record. It is hideous for Christianity and would have been for Jews except God kept empire away from them. We can see what Yahweh has led Israelis to these past 50 years. Biomystical Christian prophesy says

    "even now the ax is laid at the root of the trees. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is thrown into the fire."

    "Elijah must come first and restore all things."

    EL must come first over Jah and restore all things. EL is the Father of the Spirit of Christ and it was in Canaan that the Messianic concept originates as you can discover by reading about the Canaanite religion. The earthly king and kingdom is to reflect the Divine Kingdom of EL the Compassionate One. EL's mercy, kindness and wisdom were to be reflected by the earthly king, as a "Son of EL", a Son of God. Yahweh's religion doesn't tell you that. It focuses on tests of obedience to Yahweh's demands as the primary relationship Yahweh wants of human worshippers.

    Yahweh worship focuses on projecting one's inner demons onto others not of one's own people. It focuses on territorial control, on social control, but by focusing on this master/slave relationship, personal control is impossible because of the schizophrenic nature of the God of Judaism. Traditional Christianity where it follows Yahwehist doctrine Vs EL's compassion and mercy just creates more schizophrenic believers as the history of the Church shows.

    No, it's time to let Yahweh retire to the Old God's home and let EL rise to ascendancy again becoming known for what He was all along, the Good God the Father, the true masculine face of the Holy One. Why? Because to be wholly one, a Unity of all natural and spiritual forces in human consciousness, the primary forces must be represented, i.e., Yin and Yang, Male and Female. Yahweh hated giving any power to the Feminine face of God. Yahweh hated the Goddess when She had spiritual power. Yahweh barely tolerated the Shekkinah or Sophia, the Goddess stripped of Her powers except for wisdom whispered to those who could not acknowledge Her any other way under Yahweh's patriarchal rules.

    In Canaan, EL was married to Her as the Tree of Life. Both were regarded as highest divinities, EL as God Most High, much more distant from human affairs than Yahweh except for the Messianic model EL inspires and EL's reputed willingness to "hear" human problems involving sins needing atonement. Asherah, EL's consort, is also a higher level abstract conception deity. Her image is the Tree of Life and it is as a symbolic tree that She was most often pictured in Canaanite pictorials. She does make a good Goddess Most High.

    It is time to raise Her up along with the true God the Father because without Hierogamos in Heaven, there can be no Wedding of Spirit and Matter, Male and Female, Light and Dark, i.e., no holistic and wholesome unification of the individual, the family, the society, the nation, the world.

    Judaism unwittingly produced the tree from which the true Messiah as Jesus Christ grew and bore fruit as traditional Christianity. And that's all Judaism needed to do. Traditional Christianity brought us to where we are today. Now it's the New Millennium and time to move onto holistic unification of our individual minds and hearts and souls by contemplating the spiritual example of the Godhead as a harmonious unity of God and Goddess, of all dualities that are really complementary opposing forces that make the dynamo of Creation work. God must be truly Holy One, male and female, in whose image we are made whole and Holy One.

    * *

    Hi, CX, No, I don't think God is just some kind of force.

    I do think the closest we humans get to God is through spiritual contact, but it is contact with a personality, something that can carry out a dialogue with you if you're in a truly spiritually receptive frame of mind which isn't the easiest place to get to. I refer to the Holy One of Heaven and Earth as "It" instead of Father or Mother as the highest "God" for my religious understanding includes both male and female characteristics but is beyond them both as well.

    I use to use "Jah" as my personal name for the male or father aspect of the Holy One but one of the things I've learned recently in my research reading of ancient Middle Eastern religions is finding out more about our God when he is called "EL", which is perfectly kosher in the Bible but turns out to be a Canaanite God, their "God, Most High" ("EL Elyon" also found in the Bible referred to this way). All the biblical names ending or beginning with "El" stem from this god name.

    After struggling with Jesus' references to his "Good Father" ever since I became a Christian, I am now convinced Jesus' "Good Father" that he prayed to and who's instructions Jesus gave to the Jews was EL and not Yahweh. Unlike Yahweh, the Canaanite EL had no hateful, vengeful characteristics that made early Gnostic Christians despise Yahweh and consider him a lesser spirit than the real God. EL was known as the "Kindly One, EL, the Compassionate, EL the Merciful, and EL the Creator of all things", and EL did not punish human beings for their foibles.

    Yahweh believing Hebrews tried to incorporate EL into Yahweh when they moved into the Promised Land of Canaan but the two God characteristics don't really mix. You can't have a God of Love who loves only those who obey his laws and hates everyone else. Love is Love, period. No conditions can be made for real agape type love as defined by Jesus as compassion, forgiveness, and salvation for all who err, not just the righteous believer.

    I used to think, like a few of my modern Christian friends, that Jesus himself changed the face of Yahweh that is shown to the world. Jesus mellowed Yahweh out to become "Jah" One Love, like the Rastafarians call him. At least the authentic words of Jesus in the NT scriptures do this, but Christianity and its bloody history is not known for this agape love of Jesus but for Yahweh's old style love of those who obey his new Christian Rules as set forth by the Nicene Creed and hatred of all those who don't obey the new rules.

    Now that I've found out about EL, I believe Jesus wasn't really following Yahweh at all but EL, the Compassionate God of Creation, EL the God Most High. And that is why Jesus cried heartsick from the cross "My God EL, My God EL, why have you forsaken me?" because once crucified Jesus knew Yahweh's Spirit would come back in force which it did to inspire Paul and Pauline Christianity's God of love and salvation only for those who obey Pauline Christian rules and condemnation to hell for those who don't. EL is Jesus' "Good Father", not Yahweh. To save ourselves we must save Jesus' teachings of compassion, and forgiveness which are the instructions given by EL the Kindly One, the God Most High. We must learn the spiritual meaning why "Elijah" must come first as we must learn why the Messiah tried to bring about "EL" as "Jah" the first time around.

    * *

    Re "The New Testament's good Father is the God of the Old Testament."

    W: "Why would you ever think the Old Testament's God went out of business or somehow altered His personality?"

    Because the Holy One's task with Yahweh was completed with Jesus. Christians who seek to find the reason why Jesus' "Abba" is so different from Yahweh must research the historic root of EL Elyon, God Most High which is not in the Hebrew Old Testament but in the ancient religion of Canaan.

    After the Hebrew invasion of Canaan at the genocidal order of Yahweh, the Hebrews not only stole the Canaanite lands, (another one of Yahweh's commands that makes a mockery of the Ten Commandments btw), they stole the name of the Canaanite God Most High, EL, and added it as appellation for their own their tribal god, Yahweh.

    This was a common practice in ancient times of conquerors taking the conquered god names and adding them to their own gods. But Hebrews only added EL's name and only those appellations of EL that didn't reflect EL's compassionate character. They didn't add much of EL's uniqueness as a wise and merciful Father which was quite a bit different from Yahweh's.

    To His Canaanite worshippers EL Elyon was "EL the Compassionate One", "EL the Merciful", "EL the Kindly One", as well as "EL the Father of Humanity" and "EL the Creator of all created things". In Canaan, the Promised Land, EL was consider compassionate and wise above all things. Totally unlike Yahweh who is well known for his wrathful judgment as your type of belief based on Yahwehism demonstrates.

    The Holy One used the Hebrews and their jealous tribal god to overturn Canaanite polytheism in order that humanity would know that there is only one true God of All. EL Elyon, God Most High in Canaan was their highest God but He was only one god among many gods, each with their characteristic attributes and separate domains. The Holy One recognized the Canaanite EL because EL truly did and does reflect the best of the masculine or Fatherly aspect of the God of All.

    That's why the Holy One has kept EL's Spirit alive all through the Old Testament in the form of the Messiah concept as "Immanuel", literally "EL is with us", a prophesy that was fulfilled with Jesus Christ. Jesus' famous teachings of compassion, forgiveness of sins, and non-judgment from a wisdom stance, all these come directly from the way EL was worshipped in Canaan along with the concept of the earthly king and kingdom reflecting the will of EL as a "Son of EL".

    If Christians will only look they will find exactly who Jesus' "good Father" is and He isn't Yahweh because Yahweh's role was finished with the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus fulfills the meaning of the prophesy of Elijah coming first to restore all things. "Elijah" is "EL is Jah" and that signals the ascendancy of EL over Yahweh as the true God the Father face of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

    Jesus is the bridge between Yahweh and EL. He sacrifices himself as Yahweh's representative so that the Spirit of Christ which derives from EL can be released into the world. The Jewish tribal God could not ever accomplish this but the Holy One of Heaven and Earth could and did. And that is why almost every spiritually perceptive person who reads both the Old Testament and the New Testament realizes the vast difference between the God of the Jews and Jesus' "Abba". And that is why Judaism became obsolete with the entrance of the Spirit of Christ and Christianity.

    Christians who, like W, focus on Paul's doctrines instead of Jesus' are actually following Paul back into Jewish spiritually schizophrenia where Yahweh is called good and merciful yet acts very much like an oriental despot demanding absolute obedience at the threat of eternal damnation.

    The Jewish God incorporated a little of EL's compassion and mercy but negates that with commandments that schizophrenic, e.g., "Do not murder" yet murder those I command you to in my Mosaic Law and in my commands to genocide the people of the Promised Land. E.g., "Do not covet that which is your neighbors" but kill the Canaanites and steal their land.

    Christians who blindly follow Paul's doctrine instead of Jesus' teachings cannot see the moral contradictions in Yahweh's commandments or see the glaring contradictions in their own belief systems. But now this is coming to an end as the Holy One upgrades Christian beliefs for the New Millennium.

    These are the End Times of all religions that do not include the Spirit of Christ that is seen in the actions and teachings of Jesus. Pauline Christianity is doomed because it is based on Paul's interpretation of Jesus as a paganized Jewish dying/resurrection god instead of being based on Jesus' teachings from his good Father.

    All that's ending now that we can rediscover who Jesus' good Father really is and why the Holy One wants us to discover this in order to purify the Spirit of Christ from adulteration with Yahwehist intolerance and commandments to do evil to one's neighbors.

    This is the Armageddon choice which you can discover by understanding how the true Messianic Spirit of the Holy One derives from God Most High of the Promised Land and not the tribal god of the Jews. Revelation is prophesy but is coming true in ways traditional Christians never expected.


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