We were born into a state of duality. We have an ego side and a divine side (similar to the depiction of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other).
The ego side is not bad or wrong. It is our sense of individuality, which was important to develop as humanity began its journey. As that journey comes to an end, the role of ego is diminishing and our sense of Oneness, our sense of divinity is emerging.

Our divine side (or our “true” self) is the soul essence of each being. It is connected to Source, as it came from Source and is a part of Source. It is the “higher mind” as some call it, but it is connected not to the mind but to the heart (to the heart mind). Our true self is designed to co-create with Source (God). We have been creating automatically, either by design or by default. We are just now awakening to the fact that our thoughts are what actually create our current reality.

There are universal laws. These are the laws of how things really work in the cosmos. They cannot be changed. Everything must work by these laws.
Two of these laws are critically connected to your current awakening process:

The Law of Vibration states that everything that exists has a vibration. We have the ability to vibrate at low states of consciousness (animalistic tendencies) or to raise that vibration to higher states of consciousness (love and brotherhood).

The Law of Attraction (or cause and effect) states that where we vibrate, and where we put our thoughts will cause us to attract to ourselves things of like vibration. For example, if we feel victimized, we are in a vibration of powerlessness, and we will attract someone to overpower us. If we feel joyful, we are in a vibration of happiness, and will attract happy people. Whatever we
are “being” vibrationally determines what we create. Each of these vibrations is what causes a thought, either consciously or unconsciously, and the thoughts become reality. It is how we manifest in this world.

Often what we manifest or attract is done unconsciously, driven by our past experiences in this life and others. Some refer to this as karma and usually needs to be cleared before we can begin to consciously create what we wish to see in our lives.

Everyone around you has been invited by YOU. Your vibration has called them to you. If they are treating you badly, check to see where you are fearful and how you can shift your own vibration from fear to acceptance of things as they are. You are protected and loved by Spirit. If they are treating you with respect, then know that you are respecting YOURSELF in that moment. The world is a MIRROR for YOUR vibration, and this is YOUR KEY to understand where you are vibrating at any given moment. Just look around at your own creation to know where you are. Listen to the way people talk to you. It will reflect back where you are vibrating. This vibration is determined by your energetic state.

As you understand yourself and clear your energy field, you can become a conscious co-creator of your own reality. You can consciously choose to think in positive ways and raise your vibrational state. It is a CHOICE. It is agreeing with the Source of All That Is that you understand, you submit to the laws of the universe, and see where you are in need of help to vibrate at a higher level at any given moment. Source always answers honest requests for help with love. Love is never withheld.

These teachings were part of the Essene teachings (of which Jeshua was a part) so many years ago and are now returning as the TRUTH. We invite you to contemplate this and try it. You will find it to be real, and it will bring you freedom... the freedom to create happiness, wealth, loving relationships, and abundance in all things. After all, you ARE a co-creator with Source (God)! You will see your own unique power, and connect to Source and divine love in a whole new way.