He Who Seeks God

The Second Hierarchy – princes or lords of the court

Principalities - the seventh choir
The Archangels - the 8th choir
Angels - the ninth choir

Information on Chamuel is a little hard to come by. He is discussed in most religious text and is one of the seven great archangels. To me, God sent him on the hardest mission of all at the Garden of Gethsemane.

He is also one of the reprobated angels in the Catholic Church because he isn’t mentioned in the Bible. However, they tend to put angels in and out such as Uriel and then they made him a saint!

Chamuel means “he who seeks God”. His name like many angels has several spellings due to the many translations. He is Camiel, Camael or Kemuel. Different spellings of names or words is not that unusual just look at the English language and think about how many words we have that are spelled differently but pronounced the same!

I used to think somebody did it on purpose to confuse people trying to learn our language until I got into angelology. English has nothing on Hebrew, Arabic and Greek!!

In the occult, it is spelled Camael and when invoked, he appears in the guise of a leopard crouched on a rock.

In the Legend of the Jews he is Kemuel. He was one of the 10 holy sefiroth and the great angel who stood at the windows of Heaven as mediator between the prayers of Israel and the princes of the 7th Heaven. Legend has it is that Moses destroyed this great angel when he tried to prevent the Lawgiver from receiving the Torah at the hand of God.

As Kemuel, in the Revelation of Moses before Moses killed him, he was the leader of 12,000 angels of destruction.

He is the chief angel of the choir of the Powers which makes him a mighty warrior. As you recall, the Powers not only guard the pathways to heaven to protect souls from demons on their journey to the afterlife, they constantly fight to prevent evil from the complete infiltration into our lives and world.

Even though he, like most of the archangels is a warrior, the most important job Chamuel ever had shows that he is the angel of pure, unconditional love.

He is the angel who appeared and comforted Jesus during his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest and crucifixion.

He is one of the seven “Angels of the Presence”, the only angels who can stand in the presence of God.

There is so little information on Chamuel but he is the only angel I get butterflies in my stomach when I read or think of him. The only other time I have had such an incredible feeling was when I watched “The Passion of Christ” directed by Mel Gibson. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I think it must depict the horror Christ must have known he would suffer.

He is the angel, other than Gabriel, that is associated with the Garden of Gethsemane, the rolling away of the stone at the sepulcher of Christ, and as being present when Christ arose.