Ruling Angels of Courage and Faith
Angel of Virtue

The Second Hierarchy – princes or lords of the court

Dominions – the fourth choir
Virtues – the fifth choir
Powers – the sixth choir choir

I think this quote by Jean Anouilh fits perfectly for the angels of Virtues.:

”True miracles are created by men when they use the courage and intelligence that God gave them.”

The Virtues are known as the “The Brilliant or Shining Ones,” in almost all of the angelic hierarchies. They are the angels of miracles, encouragement, and blessings who become involved whenever and wherever people are struggling with their faith.

In this day and age I think we are making their job very difficult.

David is said to have received encouragement from one of these angels before he battled against Goliath. We know that God had to have sent someone to give a kid with a sling shot the courage to go up against a giant!
Angel of Virtue

Although Zadkiel, of the choir of the Dominions, actually stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, it was an angel of the Virtues that gave Abraham the strength to obey God.

The principal duties of these angels are to work miracles on Earth. They are allowed to intervene with respect to the physical laws of the earth, but they are also responsible for supporting these laws. With our ever changing laws depending on who is in office I bet they get a little confused.

Angels Of The Fifth Choir, The Virtues

Haniel ,means “glory or grace of God” or “he who sees God”. According to Barrett in The Magus he represents one of the chiefs. He is also a chief in the order of the principalities.

Uzziel (also spelled Usiel) means “strength of God.” As with many angels, the various angelologies equate various angels with one or more of the angelic hierarchies. Uzziel, according to rabbinic angelology, is called “king” and is also a member of the cherubim.

Gabriel means “God is my strength”. He is one of the two highest-ranking angels in Judaeo-Christian and Islamic religious lore. Not only is Gabriel an archangel he is also a member of this choir.

Michael means “who is as God”. Whether in Biblical or post-Biblical lore, Michael ranks as the greatest of all angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic writings. Just think, with these two archangels as members – they must be a strong and magnificent choir of angels.

is also a chief. It is said that he delivered Jacob's dreams as in Jacob's ladder of angels. He alternates with Zekuniel as 2nd of the 10 holy sefiroth, (which in the Kabbalah of Judaism sefiroth's are the ten attributes that God created to stress his Divine Plan, (The Tree of Life).

Sabriel is one of the seven archangels. In “The Testament of Solomon and in 3 Enoch he is also a chief in this choir.

Haniel means“glory or grace of God” or “he who sees God”. He is also considered one of the chiefs of the principalities.

Tarshish means “pearl” – another chief

With the two mightiest archangels in the choir of the Virtues we can see why God has made them the bringers of courage and heroism.