When itís love you give, Iíll be your Spirit of good faith,
When itís Love you live, Iíll make you stand you wonít break,
Iíll be the Rock you can build on,
Be there when you rose, to have and to hold,
When thereís Love inside, I promise you Iíll always be strong,
Then there is a reason why, Iíll proof to you, it belong,
Iíll be the one that bring peace to you,
I will protect you, from the wind and the rain,
from the hurt and the pain,

When itís love you seek, I be the fire in your night
When itís love you take, I will defend, I will fight,
Iíll always be there when you need me,
When honour is at stake, this vow I will make,
Iíll be there!

All for Love,

Youíre Loving Farther Ö..