High upon the ledge on a cliff that is save and warm,
Thatís where you will find the nest of the eagle,
There he will reign like a Farther in his home
There he will also keep A vigil
As the eagle protects his own, my Father never leaves me alone,
He enfolds me with His strong arms and warm love,
With wings wide and strong see the eagle against the sun,
As he turns and dives down to catch his young ones
So each tumble every fall wings get stronger everyday
But somehow the eagle knows thatís the only way
The eagle forces his chicks to fly
To feel the freedom in the sky
And just the same way we learn from our Father
Then comes the joy of a first sole of flight
The first Soaring moment of the nestlings
Forever new and free of the spirit wind of our father
The fulfillment of your soles was intimate dreams
To fly like and eagle is my desire
To soar in the warm wind of the spirits fire
Higher, always higher, always closer
To my fatherÖ..