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Thread: Fairy tales

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    Default Fairy tales

    Fairy tales!

    Fairy tales are for all - from small children to any OLD age. are they true or not - who knows. listen to your heart to find out. only the heart can understand fairy tales - because all fairy tales are written for hearts and souls only.


    Once - a very long time ago, almost all children of God, at that time still all like angels, left their beloved father God in heaven. They have started to cheat and fight each other and stopped loving. the longer they stopped loving - the more they forgot their power of Angel love.

    They went more and more away from heaven into darkness toward hell.

    The more the went away from God - the more pain and suffering they all experienced.

    One day - after millions of years away from home - they finally arrived on earth and in many other places - and God missed them all very much.

    God sent his son who had many many children among all those lost ones - he was his first one who never left the father's and mother's side ever since he was born. This son went to search all the many lost children and finally arrived on earth where he found most of them - he missed all his children and sisters and brothers and wanted to bring them all back home to his father and mother in heaven - to God.

    He returned to his father in heaven and explained him the situation of all lost children on earth. the more his son explained to his father every detail of all the problems and pain of all on earth and beyond - the more tears were flowing from the heart and soul of God and the more love he felt for all his missing children. his father and mother were very sad - and their heart and soul was crying of pain and sadness when they heard about all the helplessness, pain and suffering among all their beloved ones on earth - far far away from home.

    Teardrops from God's heart and soul were falling on this planet and filled lakes and rivers and all the oceans.

    God and all his loving children who were still at home - they all were sitting together and made a plan to search all lost ones and bring them all back home - and many brothers and sisters from the oldest son of God joined in this plan to bring all family again together - back to God. They all loved each other and helped each other - like angels and they all are still working together to fulfill their divine plan as many of their children and brothers and sisters are still lost on this planet.

    The lakes and rivers and oceans are still filled with all their teardrops - until all are at home, happy and smiling and singing and dancing like angel children again. then all rivers and lakes and oceans will disappear again in the joy filled hearts of all..

    God misses YOU - because YOU are still here on earth and many angels have come NOW to this planet to bring all of you back - under the guidance of their oldest brother - your father.

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    Default Re: Fairy tales


    Nog nooit het ek gedink ek sou iemand nog minder 'n man kry wat daardie woorde se nie. Ek glo ook so!
    My Vader in die Hemel praat gereeld met my uit sulke verhale.
    Probeer ook gedigte so te se dieselfde!
    Die Vrou



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