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    I have been reading quite a lot about history and the Knights Templars. It is my belief the Knights Templars did have the Philosophers stone and hid the information from mankind. I also don't think it was a stone, but therein is the lie. I need to dig up my research to post it here, I just wanted to get my profile up and running on this site. If not for Siener, I would have chased Solomon's Temple just as the Historians have, but I remembered the Siener had a vision of the Tabernacle, and that led me to rethink the whole story.
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    Let us take a brief look at history, King Arthur, The Knights Templars, the Freemasons, and the Philosopher’s stone.
    After the crucifixion, many of the followers of Jesus would have had to leave the area for obvious reasons. It would seem that Joseph of Arimathea left with family and friends for the shores of Southern France. It would also seem likely from records sourced that he also went to Scotland. It would seem that wherever he went, he built the Tabernacle, not the Temple. The Tabernacle is a tent, a gazebo, not a building as is dotted around England, France, Egypt (the Pyramids) , Greece etc, and there is a good reason for it to be so.

    Let us start with the legendary King Arthur. By all accounts, Arthur has been placed as a legend, a figment of history’s imagination.There are 2 grave sites for Arthur, and lends to the confusion. 1 in Wales and 1 in England. Arthur was not an English King, he was in fact Welsh, and there were 2, separated by 400 years, from the same bloodline. Hence the 2 graves,and the confusion. Because the English cannot claim him, and coupled with their deep hatred of the Welsh, they would rather place him in myth as opposed to admitting he was a Welsh King. Both Arthurs were warriors of note, with a disdain for the English who both viewed as imposters. It is difficult to source correct historic material on these men, as most records are written in Welsh, which has become an almost obsolete language. It has been suggested, that the Great-grandfather of the 1st Arthur was a personal friend of Jesus, but he was not a disciple.

    Then we have the 9 French men who began what we know today as the Knights Templars in roughly 1158, dates vary from sources. 9 men left for the UK, and spent time in Wales measuring up a building, which is reported to have been Camelot. They found a mound of rubble and then left for the Holy Lands to spent time at Solomon’s Temple. No one knows what they were there for, or their purpose. History tells us that they spend around 9 years there, allowed no recruits into the organisation, and were busy with a clandestine operation. It is unlikely that they were there to protect the pilgrims to the Holy Lands, as 9 men, with no new recruits would have managed to do so. However, the Templars did grow over time to become protectors of the pilgrims, but, it was not the original reason.

    So, what were they after? What is it about the Tabernacle that Joseph of Aramathea, Arthur 1 and 2, and The French Knights Templar knew that we don’t?

    This is my take and I propose it as a hypothesis, because, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating.

    The Tabernacle is a celestial generator. It is the vehicle for free energy and the Philosophers stone, which is in fact not a stone, nor a chalice, nor any of what history, legends or conspiracy theories would have us believe. It is science, mathematics all shrouded in legends and confusion.

    Joseph knew it, so did the Arthurs, the Templars who became the Freemasons and it is the measurements of the sites in Wales and the Holy lands of the Tabernacle that the 9 French men were after. They also curried up with the Moslems to learn to calculate the path of Venus, which takes 8 years. The Freemasons have admitted that they have in fact lost the information which assisted them to do the so-called magic many allude to. It is the blessing that Jacob took from Esau, the Egyptians had it, so did the Greeks, as well as the early Hebrews. It is a chemical wedding if you will, a procedure, and it belongs to mankind given to us by our Creator.

    What can it do? Well, 3 things have always followed the myths. 1, it can turn base metals into gold. 2, it can germinate the lands. 3, it can increase the lifespan of those who have it. No doubt it can do more, but, bearing in mind that most men would use such a procedure for self-enrichment, and that it would be hidden from the rest of society, so we do not have any more information, except what is written in the testimony of the inquisition (hardly a reliable source), and rumours.

    Wherever the Knights Templars went, they built the Temple and disguised it as a Church. In fact, I am of the opinion that modern Catholicism was created as a disguise to hide the nefarious activities that took place in the hidden chambers and cloistered halls. If we look at Solomon’s temple, St Sulpice, Rennes le Chateau, Notre Dame, St Paul’s, St Peters and so on, we see that they all are built according to the specifications of the Tabernacle as laid out in the Bible. Coincidence? I doubt it. Why would the Templars build such structures, and for what reason? Then we will find a Castle or stronghold nearby within a few Km’s with underground labyrinths that link the 2. Nowhere in the Bible is this mandated. Let us go back to the Bible for a moment.

    The reformation failed and the blessing was taken away frommankind. We are still under the cloak of the Catholic Church, whether we like it or not. It all goes back to Leviticus.

    Lev 24:8 Every sabbath he shall set it in order before the LORD continually, being taken from the children of Israel by an everlasting covenant.

    Today we celebrate the Sabbath as a Sunday, when in fact it is Saturday. The Catholic Church changed it, broke the Covenant, and we still live under the curse of breaking the covenant with God, and this why the reformation failed. Who gave the Catholic Church the authority to do so? She gave it to herself, decided she was the supreme mouthpiece with the authority to change as she like. Jesus said, he has come to fulfil. He is the apha andthe omega and no one can get to the Father but through him. Powerful words indeed. In fact, you cannot find the connection between the ancients and the Tabernacle unless you have read the New Testament. This is not an anti-Catholic diatribe, but if we are to get back to where we were or want to be, we have to see where it all went wrong. God warns us clearly, the blessing will be taken away, and He truly again, has kept His word as always. What is the iniquity of man? Breaking of the Covenant perhaps? I guess we could argue and punch each other silly with ideas and still get nowhere. Bottom line is, we do not have the blessing, nor in fact do we know what it is.

    Back to our buddies the Templars, and their garbage. In 1307 on the Friday 13th October, Prince Phillip of France sent out a decree to arrest and charge the Templars with heresy. The Pope sent out his militia to do what militia does best. Yet, the men only evacuated Rennes le Chateau in March the following year. They scaled the cliff drop behind the Chateau using ropes with bags on their backs, literally hours before the Popes army arrived, within a hairsbreadth of being arrested. It has been suggested they took gold with them, or some treasure if you will. Nothing makes sense in that context. Why leave it that long to move out? Especially when it has been suggested that theTemplars knew well in advance of the decree or order. That’s pushing it. Unless what they had was of such importance, they were prepared to die if necessary. Some did. They were slow roasted over fires yet refused to speak. I want to make it clear to all who read this, that I am not going anywhere near Dan Brown, the Di Vinci code and all that crap. For crap it is, it is a red herring to keep the folks from sniffing too close. As for the Freemasons? Another bunch of baloney. They had the information, and subsequently lost it. They hid it so well from prying eyes, they hid it from themselves. How many times have you done that? Found a hiding place for something so amazing, you hid it from yourself? Then in this time, the Masons release their original tracing board, which was hidden for centuries. They need someone to connect the dots for them. They should try reading the Bible, but anyway! One only has to look at the new IRS building in the US to see, that they have lost it. That building does not match the Tabernacle nor the Cathedrals and what not the Templars built. For those who think the Voortrekker Monument is a Mason building, I say, look again. Does it in anyway match Solomon’s Temple or any of the Templar’s structures? The answer is no, it does not. So write that on your stomach. Everything points back to the Tabernacle, it is the Tabernacle that holds the key.

    Every Saturday a Christian bride when getting dressed has a‘poem’ she dresses according to. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Superstition? Or information? I will go one step further (thank the Lord this isn’t the 14th century, no prizes for guessing my fate……), the entire wedding ceremony at the altar is a reinactment of the lighting of the Tabernacle. For the Tabernacle does light up, literally. It is recorded in the ‘dream’ Jacob allegedly had of the ladder to Heaven. It is what we will witness at the precise moment and time the Tabernacle lights up, on its own. Jacob did not have a dream, he witnessed a procedure, in fact, he was instrumental in the procedure. The aliens did not land, nor have they landed nor will they land. The entire UFO hoax is just that, a hoax to hide the fact that the US army has broken through the anti-gravity barrier. One only has to read a book called 'The Hunt for Point Zero' to see it. I digress on some points, but it just goes to show how people will hide science and mathematics in the most preposterous form. Then pepper that information with the ‘occult’ or the Devil, and folks will run! No one will go near it, the Catholic Church weaving her web of lies and intrigue. For, wherever you find technology that can spiral man to unknown heights, you will find her and the Freemasons breathing fire down your back. No wonder the French Huguenots high tailed it out of the Languedoc area, heck I would too.

    So how does one get to light the Tabernacle? What happens at that moment is does light up, and light up it will. It must be an awesomesight, truly a wonderment of huge proportions. There is so much recorded information on it, but, as usual it is hidden. Hidden in poetry, art, fairy tales, myths and legends, the list is endless.

    Firstly, obviously, you need to build the Tabernacle, as set out in the Bible. Complete with the furnishings inside the Tabernacle, and the breast plate of Aaron, coupled with the Urim and the Thummim. The Tabernacle has to be built on a hill near a river, or better still, with an undergroundriver. Ley lines have for centuries been connected with superstition and theoccult. Whereas in fact, it is land that has an underground water source. Moving water will give you energy, we call it kinetic energy. No occult, and superstition in that, science, nothing else. But, the ancients knew that to a point, but did not understand it, hence the superstition. Or they did know, but lied anyway! However, all the buildings the Templars built was either at a river, or on a ley line, and on a hill. The four corners also has to point to the cardinal points. The Tabernacle has to be portable, it cannot be a permanent structure because it has to move 1 degree of arc anti-clockwise, every 72 yrs. It follows the procession of the equinoxes. This is astronomy, not astrology. Do not confuse the 2. One is hocus pocus, the other is a celestial science.

    Take a look at an enigmatic poem called le Serpent Rouge. Google it, for it is long, and dotted with astrology, mythology, and it is very confusing. I leave you with these thoughts for a while, before we take a deeper look into the time factor. We have the where and the how, now we need the when. That is the time factor, and unfortunately, we have to delve into some very weird and wonderful parts of our history, legend, myths and superstitions. The Bible is a wonderful book, it is filled with so much and it has so many dimensions. Mankind has only scratched the surface of the wonderful information that lies within. It is a book of science, laws, history, morality and more. Did Jesus not tell us so? Time to look at the Bible with 21st century eyes and leave 14th century values where they belong. The Tabernacle has to face west. This will place the Holy of the Holies in the east. However, bearing in mind that the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple and the other buildings disguised as Churches were built in the northern hemisphere. I do not know if this changes anything for the southern hemisphere, as in the Tabernacle should face east. However, again, there is nothing in the Bible to suggest that it should be anydifferent to what was laid out. Venus rises in the West so to possibly it should remain as is.

    We have to look at the templates the Templars used. There were many, and we will begin with the Celtic cross. The Celtic cross is a cross with a circle. It is found on many older Churches, tombstones, and more. The Celtic cross is in fact an olden days measuring tool. If you mark the 360 degrees of a circle on the circular part of the Celtic cross, and attach a plumb line to the cross, you have an instrument which can be used in various ways. It can be used to survey landscapes, a sextant for maritime to name but a few of its uses. The Templars used it extensively.

    Next we have the dreaded and feared pentagram or pentacle. Today it is linked with witchcraft and negative practices, however, that was not its original use. The 5 pointed star called the pentagram is in fact the orbit of Venus.

    In many ways, Venus is a twin to our own Earth. It has a similar size, mass, density and chemical composition. Of course, its high temperatures and extreme atmospheric pressure make it different. And there’s another aspect of Venus that’s different from Earth; the rotation of Venus is longer than its year, and Venus rotates backwards.

    Remember from science class that a rotation is when an object spins once on its axis, and a revolution is when it travels once around in orbit around another object. So, the Earth takes one day to rotate on its axis, and it takes one year to revolve around the Sun in orbit. Venus, on the other hand, takes 243 days to turn once on its axis, and it takes almost 225 days to travel once around the Sun in orbit. As you can see, a day on Venus is longer than its year. The Templars would have used the pentagram to calculate and mark the orbit of Venus.

    The Union Jack, is also possibly a Template used in later times than the 1300’s. It is a compilation of St Andrews, St Georges and St Patricks and the Union flag of 1606. Bearing in mind that the original French Templars fled to Scotland in the early 1300’s, they would have adapted to the Scottish culture. The Union Jack would or could have been used as a background, probably laid out on a table with various other templates laid upon it, to help calculate the necessary time factor for the lighting of the Tabernacle. No doubt, in order to achieve maximum secrecy, each man privy to the ‘secret’ would have had a piece of the greater picture. Sort of like a jigsaw puzzle, each man has a piece, and at a get together all produce their respective pieces to form the bigger picture. That way, should any man be arrested, he only has a part of what is necessary, and cannot give it all away to those who wish to know. I have only mentioned a few of the various templates that were used in that time period, and many more were added as the Templars went along and grew in knowledge, power and wealth. These are just an example of the complexity of it all, and one of the many reasons why the knowledge was eventually lost. I guess with the Vatican so hot on their heels, even though they were a part of it all, it was best to operate with maximum secrecy. The absolute irony of it all. Only a few within the Church were part of the privy council, and no doubt with the rumours about the immense wealth, many wanted in on the action. I am not the most computer savy person, and I am now trying to figure out a way to put up floor plans of Solomon’sTemple, St Sulpice and Rennes le Chateau so we can take a deeper look at them and tie it all up with the enigmatic poem Le Serpent Rouge. There is not that much information available on the Urim and the Thummin apart from it being used to cast lots. Also limited information on the breastplate of Aaron. Various sources on the breastplate, give different stones, and this cannot be. It can only be one way. I will see what I can come up with that can make sense. I hope I have some of you a little bit curious.

    I am battling to load the floor plans for the buildings mentioned. Until I can figure it out, I want to fast forward into the 20th Century for a moment and take a look at a place in the USA called Coral Castle. Edward Leedskalnin built Coral Castle from 1923 – 1951 without any assistance. It is a massive stone structure for one man to build without using any help. Many folks have crawled all over the place trying to figure out how he did it,and some think they have found the answers, but yet no concrete proof. Edward died without telling anyone how he achieved the task, but, he did say he knew how the Egyptians built the pyramids and I believe him. He also left an enigmatic number on a plaque on a wall which he said was the secret to the universe, and a flywheel was found in the castle which many believed he used to hoist the huge stones into place. Rumours have it from neighbours interviewed after his death, that he only worked at night and that they could hear a woman singing. No visitors to his residence has ever been reported. I am going to take a brief look at the pyramids in Egypt. Much has been written about them, they have been measured, debated and still tweak our interest today. Legend has it that Isis and Osiris built the pyramids, and that Isis would sing, or use her voice to lift the massive stones. Rather odd seeing that the same is reported on Edward and Coral Castle in the last century. We know that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, but, it can be altered. Is sound the vehicle to rearrange matter, or better still, frequency? For what is sound other than frequency? There is one thing that Coral castle has in common with the Tabernacle, but Coral Castle is not a version in any form of the Tabernacle. This similarity is the planetary alignments at a particular time, which seems to assist with defying gravity, thereby enabling aperson to move huge stones or any heavy weight, as Edward did and the Egyptians. No satisfactory answer has been given for the use or purpose of the Pyramids, and it would seem to me to also be some sort of celestial generator, albeit a different design. Because of the procession on the equinoxes, it is going to take a long time before the Pyramids show us their use. It takes over 25 000 years to move through the whole circle of the skies, and seeing as we do not have a starting point for the building of the pyramids, it could take many years before we get to understand its uses, for a burial tomb for the Pharaoh’s it was not. So who exactly were Isis and Osiris? Mythical persons? Or astronomical alignments? The constellation of Orion is said to be Osiris, and many of the stella’s speak of these 2. In the book of Job we read : Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

    The Red Serpent -



    The star chart for March is where we look as we know the French Templars evacuated the Chateau in March of 1308, and it shows the constellations mentioned in the Le Serpent Rouge. If anything, the scribes of old gave us a starting date to begin the 'journey'. It also shows the band of Orion, or his 'belt'. In the poem we read of Adriadna. In Greek mythology she was linked to a labyrinth. We also see 13 areas or signs of the zodiac in the poem, which we know is actually 12. Over the years, it has often been said that there are 13 signs of the zodiac, with the 13th sign being the serpent, or the spider. It has led to much confusion, and astrology is most certainly not the way to find anything, because it is 100% incorrect. The Bible warns us off it, and with good reason as the heavens change, and the maths would be rendered obsolete and we will not find what we are looking for.

    The vernal equinox is the time at which the sun crosses theplane of the equator towards the relevant hemisphere, making day and night ofequal length. It occurs about March 15 -21 in the N hemisphere (Sept. 21 -23 inthe S hemisphere), give or take a few days. As we only have the information of the Templars evacuation in the northern hemisphere, I honestly do not know if it will affect anything in the southern hemisphere. For now, we continue to look at the skies in March for the year 1308. Le Serpent rouge tells us we are going through a labyrinth, to follow the thread of Ariadne to reach our destination. The 15th march 1308 was the vernal equinox (beware the Ides of March?), there was also a festival held on that day, and many Templar historians believe the Templars waited for this festival before leaving. They still stuck around for another week before moving on. However, that date is significantto us finding our way through the labyrinth. Venus, the Earth and the Moon were all in a straight line, 180 degrees if you will, as was the other planets in our solar system. Again, this is astronomy, not astrology. It just tells us what the heavens looked like on that day, or night. How does this relate to the lighting of the Tabernacle? Best way I can describe it, is we need 4 things. Remember the poem a Bride uses when getting dressed for her big day? We are looking for 4 moons, actually 3 because Venus has no moons, we borrow her. At the time of the vernal equinox, the sky goes from looking like a soccer ball to a rugby ball (origins of the games perhaps?), for want of a better description. I am not sure if it is the light refraction that makes it look that way, or if it does indeed expand for a time. Seems it lasts for about 9 hours, and all this takes place at night, when Venus rises in the west. These 4 moons will pull together slightly to form a rhombus. AnotherTemplar obsession. The 3 nebuli of the skies will also pull together. Orion’sbelt will loosen, as those stars that form his belt will move. The serpent will straighten, and the area between Scorpio and Sagittarius with have a star alignment which looks like a 13th zodiac sign. Perseus, which in mythology is a young maiden. At the time of the vernal equinox, she ‘grows’ up and becomes a young woman. This is just a description of how the star alignments move, and go from forming one picture, to another. The ancients had no other way of describing a natural occurrence in the skies, and left us with allegories. Stuff that just does not make sense in the 21st Century. Perseus becomes a‘bride’, Isis. Hercules and Orion meet to a degree to form another picture, Osiris. The groom. Perseus/Isis, even looks like a bride, as the corona borealis will be above her head, and Sirius slips in there, in her ‘crown’. The one nebuli will be by her hands, looking like she is holding a posey. Same as our Brides do today. The 4 moons are: something old = Rhea, something new = New Moon(our moon), something borrowed = Venus, something blue = Sirius. (Once in a blue moon?). If the Tabernacle is on the right spot, with the 4 corners facing the cardinal points, and facing the right way, and all is there as it should be, and at the right time it will light up. The breast plate of Aaron could be considered an ancient printed circuit board. The Urim and the Thummim is your negative and positive. The black stone is an onyx and the white a crystal quartz. All the stones in the breastplate has to have either a positive or a negative charge. The lavers with water are possibly battery cells, the columns before the doors of the entrance to the Tabernacle will pull the energy to Earth, the arc of the covenant made from gold is also a conductor of electricity. I could go on forever and a day, but I too have limited vocabulary to try to describe what takes place, and what you will see. Then, 3 ‘gifts’ will be given, I don’t havea cooking clue what each are, but the 3 together will make the ‘philosophers stone’. However, the first 'gift' is described as looking like liver, the 'Blood sacrifice'. That is possibly why the Templars waited a week for this whatever it is to set, before they could load or pack it in bags to carry down the sheer cliff to escape capture.

    The point is, to build the Tabernacle. If by a long stretch of imagination I am right (and I could be WAY off the mark), it is the one thing that can pull SA right. It would prove the existence of the Bible, letthe black man see we tell no lies, and it will give you the Manna from Heaven,the God particle that the scientific community seeks. I cannot think of a better ‘bargaining chip’ so to speak.

    If we look at the story of Lot in the Bible, we see that Lotgave the strangers the stones (his daughters) of Aaron's breastplate (I can think of no other explanation for a very weird Biblical story). They must have tried the technique and blew themselves, Sodom and Gomorrah to kingdom come. The angels warning Lot to move could have been the sound/screeching coming from the Tabernacle, as it would seem that the Malachim (angels), are 2 things confused as 1. It is where we get the Harp, the 7 musical notes, 7 colours of the rainbow etc, from. If you hit the wrong frequency, it will cause an implosion, not an explosion. All references to the lighting of the Tabernaclespeaks of heavenly music, or Angels singing. This could also explain Jacob wrestling God as is mentioned in the Bible. If the Tabernacle can blow up (possibly), then it could also be that Jacob stood on the wrong spot in the Tabernacle and got an electrical jolt which left him break-dancing and doing the twist all in one. He however survived, but the strangers from Lot's story clearly didn't.

    Let us look at a wonderful and seldom mentioned scientist, by the name of Victor Schauberger. Schauberger was taken by the Nazi’s and his work is the basis of the UFO phenomena. It is why the US joined the war, to get the info the Nazi’s were working on. They could not have been working on splitting the atom, as the allies were done and dusted with the technique, so the Nazi’s clearly had something else, and the US wanted it. It is called anti-gravity, and in fact has various other names. It is what the cold war was all about, the Star Wars programme, etc, etc. When the allies defeated Germany, a high ranking SS officer by the name of Hammler (Spelling?) was last seen entering a hangar in Germany carrying blue prints. The USAF was there to meet him. He has never been seen or heard of since. His name was not even mentioned during the Nuremburg trials. What were those blue prints about? then we have the Philadelphia experiment, which again has been written of as a hoax, but all this after WW2?

    The Manna from Heaven is what the whole world is looking for, as they have got to a point and for now can go no further. They will get there in time, but when that is, is anyone’s guess. Science is God’s toys, and we are allowed to play with it, so I reckon mankind will not find what they are looking for, until they recognise whence the magic comes from. The Bible is clear on it. More research obviously has to be done on this, as we are in a different time to when last the Tabernacle was lit. This technique could pull a satellite down, or all of them, who knows. Cell phone towers, cell phones could blow up, men could spontaneously combust, as the Bible has clear safety measures before you light the Tabernacle. Your clothing must be of one material, the Tabernacle cannot be made using metal tools. The Priest cannot have alcohol in his system, and so on and so on. The Bible does not lie, mankind interprets it wrong, better still, mankind loves to lie.

    However, I realise that it is a very expensive enterprise, as the materials or furnishings inside and outside the Tabernacle must cost a small fortune, but again the Lord knows better. The Tabernacle and all it produces belongs to a Nation, not a few individuals. These are the mistakes the men made before, greed and control. Only a few did benefit from it, seldom a nation. That has been one of Mankind’s many transgressions. An obedient, God fearing nation gets the blessing, and seeing as it is rougly 300 – 400 yrs ago that the Tabernacle has been lit for a nation, the info is hidden. It was last lit in the early 1900’s (see the mystery of Rennes le Chateau on the net) and the Priest who resided there died a mysterious death, as he clearly would not give it to the Vatican. Neither did Ed Leeskalin, these men knew what this could do if in the wrong hands. They rather took the info to their graves.
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    I do not put my thoughts on paper very well (as you can read above). I hope I have explained well enough, but feel free to pull it all apart, because we have to try get to the truth with all the lies told throughout history.

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    Apologies for the links not working. I have linked the detailed floor plan of Solomon's Temple.


    The Northern Hemisphere star chart does seem to work.


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    The best I can find on Le Serpent Rouge poem :

    Plan of Solomon's Temple (Encyclopedia Judaica)



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    Almost 4 years later and?............. Crickets? Anyone? DOM? Stephanus? Die Vrou? Am I speaking to myself here? Hello, hello, anybody out there? I feel as though I am yelling down an empty corridor and an echo is coming back. Is it worth the effort to build the Tabernacle? A computer program to get the right time and place? We have more technology than those who went before us, surely this is possible to prove or disprove? Anyone seen the Kim Clement prophesies? He did prophesy that an ancient technology will be brought to mankind. Is this it? I was hoping someone took this further, but, clearly not! Was my writing that bad that it reads as gobbledegook? Now I'm depressed! Ok, not THAT bad, but the silence is awful folks! I have been accused of being a witch, new age and more. However I am famous for making enemies, thanks to my own stupidity. I want to come home, this 'place' is driving me CRAZY!



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