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Ander Siening

As my Usename says - I have a Ander Siening

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To put it simple, the Bible was written as a story book. Then over time it was corrected and changed into what we have today, so that the rulers of the time and PTW (Powers That Were) could use it to control the population. If we are not considering Aliens and Visitors from other Planet systems and Universes we will always be blindfolded. If you look up and see an Alien craft then you might start considering the presence of other Visitors.

I stumbled on this website by chance as I was looking for more information on Aliens. This, to me is the most accurate and up to date information regarding the End Times or maybe I should say The Awakening of Ourselves. There is a PDF which you can download that explain the history in an accurate way that I can believe in.

If anyone want to discuss this with me then do it from the view point that the Bible was written as tales long ago by descendants of the original races from other universes that seeded this earth and this tales were used as a guide. These tales were passed down from generation to generation for ages. So the tales were adapted to the reality and morality of that current generation. Thus leading to the conclusion that there is no God although there are beings that are very and I mean very more advance than we are.

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